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All about Live butterfly larvae kit

in Science and Technology / Science by Vikram Kumar on 04/03/2016

Butterflies are fascinating creatures, which are often regarded as one of the most beautiful species on the face of earth. The kind of beauty, look and agility they have, they are widely regarded as one of the best creations of god and gift of nature to the environment. But some of us don‘t know this that butterflies are not born in that manner. There are caterpillars and they turn in to butterflies with time, this metamorphosis is unique and takes some time so as to give us the beautiful creatures named butterflies.

Now the live butterfly larvae kits available in the online stores are very much into business because nowadays a lot of people like to keep butterflies at their homes. The kits come in handy to make it easier for you and your child to take a closer look on the larvae and witness the minute changes of a caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. The natural beauty of this transformation of a cocoon into a fully grown butterfly is wonderful to watch with your own eyes and a live butterfly larvae kit does the same but with a lot of simplicity and perfection.  

Generally, a kit contains the following-

• A see through net structure for you to have a closer look of the larvae. The structure is long and a lot of larvae can be cultured inside it with proper provision for oxygen, light and air circulation.

• The structure can be elongated depending upon the number of caterpillars you are taking care of at the moment and that can also be used as a permanent address of the butterflies once they are ready to fly.

• Fly catcher nets are also there for personal treatment of the butterflies.

• Small ventilators for proper air passing

• Small windows for food and other necessities.

The kits are also useful when cleaning of the cage is concerned as because it is going to get dirty eventually no matter what. It would be advisable that you take good care of the cage so that the butterflies can‘t escape. You can let them free in your garden but under very tight circumstances.

Effects on children-

This healthy habit of culturing larvae and butterflies can actually prove to be beneficial for your kids in many ways. Firstly, the kids would be getting an ever active companion whom the kids are going to adore and would be taking care of. Secondly, the kids would be knowing the value of other species and would be respecting their existence from a very tender age. Thirdly, these kits would allow you to give full responsibility of the larvae to your children as because the user manuals and the way to culture these creatures are written over there in Basic English language, which is immensely interesting and easy to understand.

This live butterfly larvae kit is available in many a sites and depending upon what you exactly need, go for one and gift your child a larvae or two today!!

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As the life span of a butterfly is around 3-4 weeks, you can leave them in the wild before they die because you would not want your children to witness their favorite companion dying who they nurtured from day one and for that get yourself a Live butterfly larvae kit and a Tadpole kit for the culture of tadpoles.

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