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Best-Kept Secrets You Need to Discover in Writing an Engaging Content

in Writing / Article Writing by Dominic Cruz on 11/29/2016

As a writer, it hurts to see your content getting fewer clicks and engagements. Have you ever looked at your statistics and asked, “What did I do wrong?” If you‘re experiencing this kind of heartache, then your tactics may be running out of style. Revamp your strategies with these tips in creating a share-worthy content:

1. Find what interests your readers

The key to your audience‘s interests is through your own. Find your niche and stick with the relevant topics that interest you. This way you can create share-worthy content that will make you an expert in your target industry.

2. Let your personality shine through

So, just because your content is 100% free from comprehensive and grammatical errors, doesn‘t mean it‘s well-written. An engaging content is more than just good grammar. It has to have a personality and voice. Liven it up as you pay attention to your vocabulary, structure, and writing style.

Start with a catchy title

Your title is the first thing your audience reads. So how can you invite them to read your article if its title doesn‘t encourage them to? Don‘t let a lame title spoil the entire content. For instance, instead of a plain “10 Facts about SEO,” make it catchy and enticing with “10 Facts about SEO You Probably Didn‘t Know.”

4. Include subheadings

One of the golden rules in crafting a share-worthy content is to make it readable. Don‘t make it hard for your readers to scan through your content. Organize it with subheadings, bullet points, or lists.

5. Experiment with variety of formats

There‘s no default format to a stunning, shareable content. If you think your readers are getting tired of lists and blogs, twist your content format into something laid-back. Try making quizzes, trivias, facts, list with GIFs, or infographic. Experimenting new formats will not only nurture your writing skills, but will keep your readers happy, too.

6. Provide with facts

Regardless of the tone and approach you‘re going to use in your content, support every claim with facts. It adds credibility to your content and to yourself as a writer. Don‘t forget to include links of your sources, so your readers can trace where your claims come from.

7. Have a call-to-action

“Liked this article? Share it with your friends!”

Lastly, a share-worthy content has a call-to-action. Adding CTA to your content allows your audiences to know what they should do next. Plus, it doubles up the traffic to your site and increases your chance of ROI.

More share-worthy content writing tips to latch on:

- Add high-quality images
- Have your own voice
- Copywrite with originality
- Write stories
- Use social media widgets and icons
- Don‘t overstuff it with keywords

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