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Christian Life Coaching-Meaning, Primary Responsibilities & Benefits It Proffers to Parishioners

in Spirituality / Religion by Andy Alagappan on 07/06/2016

The lives we lead today are becoming more and more meaningless and dispassionate. Running after money and power is the new in-thing in a world where people don‘t feel a connection to even themselves anymore, not to mention anyone else in their lives. We all feel there is room for improvement. We all feel there is something missing from our lives. But most of us are rarely able to find the tools or solutions to actually create a difference or make things better. This is where the new concept of Christian life coaching can help find absolution.
What Is Christian Life Coaching?
In theory, this concept is quite similar to personal coaching – taking assistance and guidance from an inspirational leader to make sustainable and wholesome changes in one‘s life so as to augment happiness and well-being. A personal with a specific goal or who is going through a major transition in life might seek guidance and motivation to cross through the phase. A person who is feeling stuck and in need of a new direction may think of life coaching to bring about a change in his life.  
However, in Christian life coaching, the motivation revolves around Christian spirituality and religious values with the coach helping you to establish a better connection with God and your inner self. This is the major defining factor of this form of personal coaching.
What Does A Christian Life Coach Do?
This professional is a trained spiritual leader who works by inspiring and motivating people to establish strong connections with the almighty and bring about a positive change in their lives. By using evangelical teachings from the Bible and suggesting practical steps to generate personal change, these coaches take a whole new approach to work of personal training. This is especially important when the person seeking change is actually beginning to feel a deep disconnect with God and the world around him. A life coach can help bring faith back in the life of such a person and motivate him on the right part to happiness and satisfaction. Christian life coaching necessitates that the mentor actually walks in the disciple‘s shoes, establishes a relationship based on trust and respect and mutual adoration for God and then motivates the disciple to bring a positive change in his life as well as the life of those around him. This focus on self-improvement and community growth are integral aspects through which the life coach helps a person in achieving personal goals.
How Can Christian Life Coaching Benefit Parishioners?
Coaches regularly motivate people to begin each day with two simple questions –
• How can I make a difference in my life today?
• How can I make a difference is someone else‘s life today?
This dedication to continued growth, betterment and personal satisfaction is what helps in keeping one motivated and confident. Through reading inspirational materials, having positive people around, daily worship and prayer and inculcating a deep sense of gratitude towards God, one can achieve salvation and contentment. This is what Christian life coaching is all about.

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Dr. Jerry Johnston is renowned pastor and inspiring life coach who offer Christian life coaching to educational, corporate, governmental, association, not-for-profit and religious organizations throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe seeking true knowledge & success as spirituality their foundation.

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