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Delivering Space Alerts to Astronomy Enthusiasts

in Science and Technology / Space by Greg Williams on 05/20/2016

There‘s a certain degree of fascination that comes with skywatching. Staring at the dark sky and looking at the stars bring a sense of wonder. The sky is so vast that it makes one think what lies out there?

If you‘re someone who likes watching the sky, you probably have spent considerable amount of time learning about constellations and studying star patterns. You probably have written down important dates of planetary alignments and other heavenly spectacle.

Human as we are, we sometimes forget about important things even when we‘ve already planned for it ahead of time. We forget to pay the bill, unplug the coffee maker, or miss a blue moon.

The moon doesn‘t exactly turn blue. A blue moon is the second full moon in a regular month. You don‘t need to be an astronomer to know that this doesn‘t happen often.  

Just as the saying “once in a blue moon” means something that happens “very rarely.”

It might seem ordinary to some people. After all, what‘s so special about an additional full moon? But to the sky watchers, this means a lot.

The good news is there are now astronomy text alerts that you can sign up for to alert you of future meteor showers, eclipse, space shuttle flybys, comets, solar flares, and other celestial occurrences.

Another sky display worth watching is the aurora. Auroras, also called, polar lights are amazing natural light display that are normally seen in the Arctic and Antarctic Regions. Aurora text forecasts are sent to subscribers hours before so they can gather up the kids and prepare for their aurora viewing.

Even NASA uses text messages to alert subscribers of a passing Space Station. The messages are sent hours before the man made structure passes over the observer‘s location. You can also find text messaging alerts that give weather advisories and warn about earthquakes or storm.

Since texting is a universal tool, anyone with a mobile phone can subscribe to text alert services from anywhere in the globe. Whether you‘re a serious enthusiast or a casual sky watcher, astronomy text alerts will make sure that you never miss any weather permitting celestial event again.

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