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Dengue outbreak underlines the importance of diagnostic centers

in Health / Diagnosis by Sanjeev Sundar on 11/05/2015

India and other countries are facing an outbreak of Dengue from last few years. Though it hasn't taken the shape of the epidemic so far, there are several cases get reported during the winters. Thankfully, the disease can be detected by the blood test; it is quite easy to control it at the early stage. However, several casualties get reported because of the negligence of people. Experts say that it is possible to avoid them by diagnosing the disease timely. Almost all good diagnostic centres in Jayanagar Bangalore offer test facilities and the charges are also not exorbitant. Doctors start medication immediately and there is no need for hospitalization in the majority of the cases.

Why the diagnosis should be perfect?

Unfortunately, Dengue has no specific symptoms and in the beginning it looks exactly like Malaria or Viral Fever. The disease is so deceptive that even experienced doctors get misguided. It is the reason nowadays, Doctors prescribe diagnostic test if there is no improvement in the condition after giving symptomatic medication for two days.  
Particularly, in areas where the disease is prevalent they do not take any risk and seek a detailed blood report from diagnostic centres in Jayanagar Bangalore. As soon as the report is received, they follow the treatment plan accordingly.

Since laboratories are a critical part of the treatment today, accuracy and quality are incredibly important factors. When you search for a diagnostic center in the nearby locality, always select one that is reputed and recognized. The quality of equipment and experience of technicians also play a critical role while deciding about it.

Role of accreditation

With the increasing focus on quality and accuracy, the majority of diagnostic centres in Jayanagar Bangalore acquire certification from standardizing authorities. In India, so far it was an unorganized sector, and there were not stringent norms. However, the situation is rapidly changing and every year the government is releasing more and more stringent norms for it.

Nowadays, there are strict norms about the infrastructure and human resources. There are guidelines for qualification of the staff, quality of material used in the diagnostic tests and laboratory facilities. Since the laboratories have high-quality facilities, they come out with accurate and perfect results. Therefore, it is quite easy to control outbreaks of Dengue.

It is quite important that high-precision diagnostic centers give accurate results. Timely diagnosis of the disease helps in treating it quickly.

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