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Endoscopy is preferred for correcting ear disorders because it is less invasive and fast

in Health / ENT by Sulekha N on 07/22/2016

Due to the easiness of use and accuracy, endoscopes are widely used in different types of surgeries. Since it is a non-invasive surgical method, patients do not face major pain and discomfort. Moreover, it is highly useful for diabetic patients where healing of wounds is a problem. Nowadays ENT surgeons suggest endoscopic ear surgery while treating several types of ear problems.

These surgeries get over quickly, and the recovery is also very fast as compared to the conventional methods. Though the procedures are a little bit expensive, people don't worry about the cost because of incredible benefits they get. Modern endoscopy equipment is very advanced and accurate. They can reach to the difficult places easily and fully eradicate the problem.

When do ear specialists suggest endoscopy?

Well, the technique is suitable for all types of ear disorders practically. Loss of hearing, delay in speech or language learning, chronic infections, a rupture in the ear drum; all varieties of problems can be treated using endoscopic ear surgery procedure.  
Doctors call it a surgical procedure that "sees more and cuts less". Yes, the cliché is quite true. During the surgery, doctors spend the majority of the time in looking at the monitor. Since the equipment reaches up to the point where surgery is required, there are no scars and bleeding. Thus, this procedure brings a fundamental change by making ear surgery almost painless.

The surgical procedure has been found greatly useful in treating all types of ear problems. However, doctors say that the endoscopic ear surgery can cure problems such as abnormal growth of skin as well. Sometimes, there is a growth in the middle ear which is not only painful, but it also destroys the delicate bones in the ear. If the problem gets diagnosed early, then the treatment is easy. The conventional procedure to correct this problem is not only invasive but it needs very high levels of expertise.

The new process resolves the issue quite simply. An endoscope with very thin fiber optic cable is used for the surgery. The other end of the cable is attached to a computer-controlled system. The images are projected on the screen and doctors perform surgery by looking at it.

Less pain, fast recovery, and early discharge are the biggest benefits of this procedure. Patients can resume normal life pretty fast, and there are hardly any post-operative problems. Because of these qualities, endoscopy becomes a preferred procedure today.

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Dr Sumanth performs minimally invasive endoscopic ear surgery very elegantly and successfully. He is a well known ENT Doctor in Bangalore.

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