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Enjoy Dubai Holiday to the Fullest

in Travel / Honeymoon by Vineet Singh Bisht on 11/02/2015

Dubai the name automatically conjures the image of Burj Khalifa, Palm Islands and the opulence lifestyle. Due to the highly modern lifestyle and liberal laws, the city has become quite popular among the travellers. It has become a hot destination for both backpackers and business travellers. People, there are embracing modern lifestyle. Advanced sleek infrastructure and plethora of business opportunities are alluring visitors.
Yearly the number of tourists visiting Dubai is steeply increasing. Numerous travel companies offering Dubai Holiday Packages from Gurgaon. Most of these packages are pre-designed or you could customize you own package. The economical ride Dubai is enjoying has seduced travellers to throng the destination. Those wanted to avoid the rush can go for tour packages during the offseason which usually starts from April to September. Peak season starts from November to March and the rush is unimaginable.
A dreamland for shoppers ranging from exploring the lavish malls to the famous traditional souqks.  
The Emirate city boasts some of the colossal malls in the Middle-East. Featuring outlets from internationally recognized and native designers these malls makes a great shopping spot. If you want to shop like natives then Dubai Souqs are the best options. Best known for their spices, gold and silk products. Venture on Dubai Tour and explore the vibrant and facet of the luxurious city. With its shopping bouquets, immaculate beaches the place has converted itself as the year all-round travel destination.
Once a small port city today, it offers assortment of activities for backpackers to indulge and pamper in. From comfort and cosiness of five-star hotels or spending a night at the traditional Bedouin tent the experience is awesome. Feast at the five-star hotel or explore the Arabic style breakfast the flavours are awesome. If you have got deep pockets then you can enjoy a royal stay at the iconic Burj-Al-Arab.
Adventurers could embark on array of breathtaking tours such as sand dune bashing, water sports or bungee jumping from the top of the Burj-Khalifa. Book Dubai Burj Khalifa Special Package and get the mesmerizing view of the Dubai horizon for the Burj-Khalifa Observatory. Hop into 4x4 in the Dubai desert Safari and unravel the Arabian Desert. Also, explore falconry the traditional sport of UAE. Once a crucial part of the daily life today, the city has developed into a major sport. Explore the Palm islands an artificial island built on the sea.
The place is all about giving you goose bumps. The indoor snow resort, Ski Dubai located at the Mall of the Emirate is a must visit. Enjoy winter sports even if there is scorching heat outside. Skiing, snowboarding, skating there is so much to fun to indulge in.
Enjoy crazy rides at the Wadi Wadi Waterpark or experience jaw-dropping rides at the Atlantis water park. Interact with the dolphins at the Dolphin Bay. Or experience the speed at the Sega Republic with interactive arcade and video games, and more.

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