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Essential equipments for swimming pool filtration and maintenance

by Raju MC on 07/19/2014

Swimming pools are some of the best places to relax and unwind and just have some nice fun. However, to make sure that you keep on getting the most enjoyment out of your pool, it is essential that you regularly clean it and keep it completely free of debris. For this you need filters and pumps which are essential filtration equipments for the maintenance of your swimming pool. These equipments will help you to remove unwanted contaminants and debris from the pool water, thus providing you with a clean swimming environment that you love so much.

There are primarily three types of filters that are used to keep the swimming pool clean. These are cartridge filters, sand filters and DE or diatomaceous earth filters. Each of these has got their own set of pros and cons. The type that you will ultimately use will depend on your preferences and individual needs. The filters also come in a wide range of styles, varieties and sizes. Hence it is important for you to determine which type you will actually need before you actually settle on buying one.  

Although there is not much choice when it comes to pumps, i.e. there is only one variety; they do have a wide spectrum of elements, such as head pressure, horsepower and energy efficiency rating. It is important that your pump is properly installed as it will then keep the filters running smoothly, thus making sure that the pool is kept clean. You will also require a timer that needs to be set with the pump which will automatically turn the pump on and off at regular intervals. This is extremely important, as forgetting to turn your pump on might lead to chemical contamination of the swimming pool. You will also need to maintain the chemical balance of your pool to avoid ill health effects. This means maintaining acceptable levels of pH, chlorine and water hardness at all times. This can be done by your pump, which will circulate the chemicals properly throughout the pool.

To understand what type of filter and pump is best for you, you need to consider a number of factors, such as the size of the swimming pool, the number and size of the plumbing lines that go into the pool, how many people are using it, as well as the frequency in which they will use it. In case you are having a swimming pool installed for first time, it is best to talk these things out with a construction contractor.

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The swimming pool filtration system is the essential equipments in pools to keep the water clean and free from contamination. Buy it from good companies with quality in mind.

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