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Get of Rahu Ketu Dosha to lead a Happy and Successful Life

in Spirituality / Astrology by victom on 04/23/2016

There are a number of reasons behind this and the first and foremost reason is the alignment of different planets in the birth chart of a person. If you have never heard about it earlier then let me tell you that astrology can have a great impact on your personal and professional life, a good guidance by a professional and efficient astrologer can prove life-changing for you.
Rahu and Ketu are two planets which greatly affect the life of a man. These planets are by and large referred to as the shadows just as don't have any sort of their own character. Which implies that these planets don't have a physical shape and they are situated at the nonexistent focuses. In light of their shadowy character, they essentially affect on the passionate levels. There are extremely uncommon examples when these planets demonstrate positive for a man. On the off chance that a man experiences Rahu Ketu Dosha then there can be various awful impacts of these two planets throughout his life.
Both these planets always move in retrograde motions.  
The planet Rahu basically represents mental illness, indulgence, losses, theft, death in the family, legal issues and such other issues are the negative impact of this planet. This planet also represents diseases like skin diseases, leprosy, ulcers, and breathing problems. Rahu is also the reason of instant failure or success. If this planet is well placed then it can provide fame and courage.
The planet Ketu can bring diseases which are related ear issues, lungs, defects in the intestine, and other brain disorders. This planet also represents activities such as interest in the path of Moksha, interest in Philosophy, sudden gains, and spiritual pursuits.
When both these planets are not aligned at the right place, then they can create a great deal of problems in the life of a person, thus, let us have a look at some small remedies which can reduce the bad effect of these two planets:
If Rahu is not in the right position then chant the Mantra Om BhramBhreemBhroumSahRahaveNamahfor 18000 times and do fast on Saturdays, this will help in removing the bad effects of Rahu. Along with this donate rice to Brahmins and to the poor as well.
If Ketu is effective your birth chart then you needs to chant the Mantra Om ShramShreemShroumSahKetaveNamahfor 17000 times for reducing the effects of this planet. Along with this donate sesame, blankets, iron weapons. Take fast on Tuesday and Saturday.
These are some of the ways to reduce the impact of Rahu and Ketu, but it is always recommended to contact a goo and professional astrologer who will be able to guide you to the right direction.

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Rahu and Ketu have regularly dreaded shadow planets. They both are said to move together, as mythically they are the head and tail of the same body.

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