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How to win pyramid solitaire the maximum times?

in Internet / Apps Store by George Fernandis on 01/17/2016

The game of Solitaire has been a great hit so far. People find all variants of it highly engaging and entertaining. Pyramid Solitaire is quite different from other versions. The first appearance itself is quite exciting. Though luck plays a big role in winning this game, there are some strategies that can help surely. Seasoned players follow the winning strategy right from the first move and do not commit any mistake. The opening tableau is in the form of the great pyramid and it keeps a user visually and logically engrossed in the game. Designers have put great efforts in making it a fun-filled experience.

The winning strategy

When you start playing the game, obviously you want to win the game by any means. However, it is not a wise thing to go haphazardly. It may or may not lead to the winning track. Since the aim of this game is to remove every card from the talon as well as the tableau, your goal should be achieved in the least possible attempts.

You are supposed to remove cards in pairs and the combined total should be 13.  
A card that is fully visible can only move. Otherwise, you will get error message. Typically, the pairs of ace and queen, six and seven, five and eight, four and nine, three and tem, two and the jack can be moved. Only kings can move independently (after all it is a king!).

• Look at the first four rows first. You should check whether there is any possibility of getting trapped into a deadlock situation? Normally it happens when the cards that you can combine occur in a triangular way. Since you can't combine all possible cards in this situation, you do not have any option other than reshuffling.

• Is all combination cards appear in the above triangle? If yes, then again there is no option that reshuffling it. You should not waste time unnecessarily when it is quite clear that deadlock will happen later.

• Always remove the kings to empty places because anyways you can't move them in the combination.

• Do not remove a combination early. Wait till you have shuffled all cards.

Since you are supposed to move combinations in Pyramid Solitaire, the possibility of completing it successfully gets lowered if the cards are not in the right sequence. You can put your brains in searching new and new solutions, but there are always limitations.

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