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India earns great respect in the field of medical tourism due to high-class services

in Travel / Medical Tourism by Sulekha N on 05/23/2016

The influx of medical tourists shows a great increase in India. Though all states show the increasing trend, states like Kerala, Goa and Maharashtra top the charts. Karnataka is also not far behind. People search for good hospitals that are close to the world-famous tourist spots and offer high-class medical facilities as well. If you search the Internet, then there is a long list of medical tourism companies in Bangalore and other places. They are professional service providers who arrange everything for the foreign tourists. Right from ticket booking to stay in good hotels and from treatment to sightseeing, they manage everything to make it a hassle-free experience for their clients.

What is expected from the tourists?

Though medical tourism companies in Bangalore arrange everything from A to Z, it is critically important that the tourists go through the travel tips.

• Though India is quite safe and peaceful place for foreigners, it is important that the tourists get a thorough knowledge of the place they are visiting.  

• Is the hospital genuine? Is it known for great facilities and medical care? If the hospital is not located in Bangalore city, then what is the mode of conveyance? Is public conveyance available or patients are supposed to arrange the same?

• What is the level of proficiency in the medical center? Is it reputed for treatment quality, patient care and quality of equipment? Are the doctors renowned and expert?

• What is the weather during the time of stay? Coastal Karnataka experiences heavy rains during the Monsoon season.

• Does the hospital accept payment in cash only or DD? Is it modern enough to receive online payment or direct money transfer?

• What are the documents needed for medical tourism? Do they need some permissions or approvals of higher authorities?

People coming to India for medical tourism must read these important tips before they buy flight tickets. All doubts should be cleared beforehand.

Why should one hire medical tourism companies in Bangalore?

Professional agencies are experts in their area. They manage hundreds of patients daily, and the things are pretty simple for them.

• They escort the patient at the airport.

• Patients and companions are moved to a comfy hotel or resort.

• They are taken to the respective hospital as per the treatment schedule.

• Utmost care is taken post-treatment.

• Discharge from the hospital and shifting to a luxurious resort.

• Tour program after recovery.

• Departure from India with sweet memories.

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