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India grabs a leading position in the field of medical tourism

in Travel / Medical Tourism by Sulekha N on 05/31/2016

Medical tourism (also known as health tourism) is the buzzword today. According to the experts, India earns a leading position in the niche worldwide. Statistics shows an increasing trend in the number of people and revenue generated. Not only tourists from the third world where medical facilities are subdued, but people from the developed countries also come to get the benefit. Extremely good medical facilities and relatively inexpensive treatment make India a lucrative place. No wonder, top medical tourism companies India show highly promising future. Looking at the heavy inflow of foreign patients, there has been a tremendous improvement in the medical infrastructure.

Why do people worldwide take an interest in the medical tourism India?

There are two reasons behind such a big gung-ho for it. Firstly, it is a fact that the cost of treatment in India is considerably low as compared to the developed countries. Moreover, there is no difference in the quality of the treatment.  
It is the reason; top medical tourism companies India receive many requests from foreign nationals. From heart surgeries to Nephrology and from the kidney transplant to Laser eye surgeries; Indian hospitals and doctors are the preferred choices. The same is true for dental and other cosmetic treatments as well. The average costs for these surgeries are humongous in other countries. The same is available in India at throwaway prices.

Another important reason is; the country offers innumerable tourist destinations. The diversity of languages, cultures, and food keep the interest of people alive. From snow-capped mountains to dry and warm desert and from tropical dry deciduous forests to the evergreen rain forests; you have a mind-boggling miscellany of nature. Hence, for tourists, it is a double bonanza. Not only they get a cure for the ailments but achieve immense health benefits by recreating the mind and body.

Hotspots of medical tourism

Noida in the north and Chennai in the south are the top-most hubs for it. The rationale is simple. The most-admired tourist places in the north and south India are conveniently close from these two destinations.

As the government is keen to take the advantage of increasing popularity, many new destinations are being developed to attract patients worldwide. Enough care is being taken to choose places that are convenient from the tourism perspective. More countries are getting included in the Free Visa category which is a great thing from the medical tourism perspective. The industry has a healthy future in India.

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