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Is Hair Transplant At The Starting Level Of Baldness Help In Reduction Of Further Baldness?

in Health / Hair Loss by Vikas Gupta on 07/28/2016

Hair loss has become prominent matter of concern for all men and women these days as it dent their personality and self esteem. This loss can be due to many reasons like genetic, stress, unhealthy life style, poor nutrition, side effects of medication and many others. These days due to modern lifestyles young boys and girls in Punjab are facing baldness problem from the very early age of 20s.

Having baldness in very younger age can make them anxious about their look and even career which might be affected adversely due to this problem. The anxiety of youngsters insist them to go for some curation of their baldness and even in very early stage of hair loss they opt hair transplant in Punjab as priority due to permanent and natural results of it.

Transplantation is the world proven result oriented method for hair restoration. In this surgical method healthiest hair follicles from the donor part usually back head, are extracted and then transplanted in the bald portions.  
Donor follicles even after shifting retain their properties and grow for rest of life so patients can have natural and permanent hair after surgery.

Hair transplantation is suitable for all but it is generally said that candidates that have stabilized baldness are the most suitable candidates.

Hence there can be possibility that the candidates that have progressive hair loss problem cannot have expected results for lifetime as the transplanted hair can also be effected due to progressive baldness. Especially the youngsters that go for hair restoration in the age of 20s have to face this problem.

Solution for arresting the further baldness after surgery

PRP treatment combined with hair transplant at starting level of hair loss can give reduction of further baldness after surgery. PRP treatment in Punjab is catching popularity as the great combination with the transplantation at starting level of hair loss problem.


Platelet rich plasma therapy is the non surgical treatment in which white and red blood cells contains the platelets enriched with the growth factors are injected into the scalp of patient to stimulate the hair growth.


In this procedure of 1-2 hours, patient‘s own blood is taken and centrifuged to spin under controlled conditions this spinning separate the concentrated cells from the blood. These cells have five times more concentration than the normal blood.

With the very fine needle these enriched plasmas are injected into the scalp that boost the healing power of body and even stimulate the growth of hair

How PRP combined with hair transplant works for reduction of baldness?

After the extraction process these enriched plasmas are injected into donor area for the quick healing of wounds and scalp. Then in the second stem when grafts are extracted then these grafts are kept in PRP solution for the time gap of between harvesting and extraction. PRP solution ensures the supply of nutrition, oxygen and moisture to grafts even outside the body so that grafts can survive for life time with retained properties.

In the last step PRP enriched cells are injected in the bald areas also after transplantation so that hair quality and growth rate can be improved. These cells also reverse the hair loss problem. So even after the starting level of hair loss patients can have permanent solution of their problem with the great combination of transplantation and PRP treatment.

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With the normal FUE method of transplantation PRP therapy is combined as before the surgery patient‘s blood is taken and centrifuged to separate the concentrated cells.

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