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RJ Pradeepa Failed To Win Dancing Star TV Show

in Arts and Entertainment / Television by harbin on 09/21/2016

Indian News Channels are reporting that Kannada Live TV is presenting yet another Dancing Star season and, as always, it will be jam packed with flashy faces and talented dancers galore.

With ridiculously fun judges and an enthusiastic host, it makes for a fun time that should not be missed for any reason. Viewers were not surprised that ETV Colors Kannada Dancing Star 3 is following two previously successful runs of the show.

The innovative concept of the dancing reality show has all of the potential to be an epic event with such participants like Star Ravichandran, Priyamani and Mayuri Upadhya. It is eloquently hosted by the world renowned Jagan, fresh from playing a part in Gandhari. In its entirety, there will be twelve talented contestants. Some participants are new to the world of dancing, but others are not so green. Some were even on the Bigg Boss as well. Some of the more recognizable names include Gowthami and Neha Gowda, Vinayak Joshi, Shalini, RJ Pradeepa and Chandini.  

It should come as no surprise that a multitude of loyal fans are taking to a slew of social networking websites to make their opinions known about their favorite dancers. It is always a controversial point of conversation, but always a fun one to have. And one interwoven honorable mention comes in loud and clear as the well - known radio disc jockey, RJ Pradeepas picture pops up. The show has been an overnight success and when RJ Pradeepa is paired with the lovely Sushmitha, he can do no wrong.

They steadily grow by leaps and bounds as they dance their way through the crowded room. Fans can‘t seem to get enough of his rugged good looks and his manly charm. However, no one person is ever truly safe from leaving the show at any time. It is the one thing that all fans dread the most, as weekly viewers of the show. The Telecasted Indian live TV show has really nailed the show with the brilliant dancers as the producers began to unveil such accomplished dancers of the artistic field. The weeks travel past all too quickly, as one team of dancers have to take their leave.

But despite being beloved, and doing such an amazing job, RJ Pradeepa was the latest to fall victim to the crowd. And unfortunately, he was the most recently eliminated from the competition of the Dancing Star Journey. Fans are utterly heart broken, but nothing will seem to bring him back. His fans morn his absence, but the show must go on anyway. Possibly, his loyal fans may have to find a new or different participant to get behind. These more of the TV Shows adapted from Hindi Live TV Channels which are holding good number of viewers.

Regardless of whether the viewer was a fan or not, of RJ Pradeepa, the overall success of the show as a whole is apparent. With so many talented people throughout, it is very likely to be around for a very long time to come.

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