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Signs You Should Choose CIIT‘s K12 Media and Visual Arts Program

in Education / Schools and Colleges by Janet Miranda on 11/22/2016

A multimedia arts school like CIIT-Philippines is the best place to nurture gifted people. To tell if you have the knack and if you must be media and visual arts student, check out these signs.

1. You clicked and read this page.

The first sign is your curiosity to learn stuff, and that‘s what urged you to open and read this article. You want to express yourself, but you had doubts so you want to confirm if you got what it takes to be a great artist someday.

2. You fill your room with stuff that inspire you.

Artworks, art materials, doodles, magazine cutouts, and posters fill your room. Others find them messy, but for you they‘re relaxing and inspiring whenever you see them.

3. You appreciate others‘ artworks but hesitate to share yours.

Your eyes and heart appreciate and feast on the work of others, but you hesitate to share yours. If you‘re shy, scared, or nervous, don‘t worry. It‘s a good sign you pour your heart and soul to what you created.  

4. You value your space.

You keep a special workspace in your home and want no one else inside, even your family members. You love the concept of being alone when working and you get mad when people interrupt you because you lose focus.

5. You have your own unique style.

Whether its music, your fashion sense, or the contents of your bag, you‘re different from your peers. Your friends call you odd and weirdo, but you‘re not afraid to embrace it. You‘re sure of your likes and dislikes and no one can change how you feel about them.

6. You‘re sensitive to your surroundings.

You‘re keen and aware of the world that surrounds you. You can empathize with other people‘s joy, pain, fear, and excitement. Sometimes this sensitivity fuels your creative drive and gives you the inspiration for your next masterpiece.

7. You‘re overflowing with ideas.

Ideas are running in your head even in the wee hours. You can‘t turn off your mind and you always find inspiration wherever you go. Even the smallest things fuel your imagination and urge you to create something.

8. You find it difficult to finish your projects.

You get thrilled and excited whenever you‘re doing something. The ideas continue to rush in and you sometimes have a hard time sorting them. But when you‘re halfway done, your brain wanders and your inspiration plays hide-and-seek with you. Your fingers itch to start something new and leave your current project hanging.

9. You always return to your craft.

No matter how hard you try or how many times your loved ones tell you to quit, you can‘t let go of your craft. Even if you won‘t get a stable career and future in this field, you‘ll choose what you love doing over a lucrative yet monotonous job.

If you can relate to over one item in this list, then you‘re no doubt a born artist. Don‘t be afraid to show yourself, instead embrace and nurture your talent. CIIT-Philippines, a multimedia arts school, offers media and visual arts program that will guide artistic incoming senior high school students like you. Browse our website to learn more about our specialized tracks.

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Janet Miranda is a multimedia enthusiast and a seasoned writer specializing in different art media. She believes in the potential of Filipinos to be at the global creative frontline.

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