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Tips for Choosing Table Tennis Racquets Online

in Recreation and Sports / Tennis by aussiesportsguru on 08/19/2016

The Chinese are the ones who are dominating the world of tennis, but the sport was first introduced in England in 1980. Back then paddles were used, along with the use of golf balls and any table which they could find people would start playing. After that these paddles were made out of cigar box lids which were connected to wooden blades but, finally in the year 1901 E.C Goode created the first modern version of the racket – by fixing a sheet of pimpled or stippled rubber to the blade.

For many casual players who play for fun and joy need ready made racquets but when it comes down to professional players they need customized table tennis racquets which will suit to their game.

Step One: Purchase your blade and Rubber separately.

By purchasing the blade and rubber separately, you gain a lot of control over the specifications and the detailing of the racquets.  

If you are able to purchase a blade and rubber together, one may find it difficult to play as per the style which is suiting them.

Step Two: Picking a blade

International table tennis federation has made it clear that 85% of the blade must be made of natural wood. Composite blade will include material like fiber, Aralyte, or glass fiber. These are the elements which will affect parameters such as speed, consistency, ball spin etc.

Carbon fiber, which is normally used to make the blade harder and faster, which ultimately, gives the blade to have a larger sweet spot.

The weight of the blade is another critical factor. A lighter blade which weighs under 77 grams, is mostly preferred by players who to tend to play the close to the top of the game. A heavier blade would result in more top spin and generate more power.

Step three Type of Rubber

It is down to the rubber thickness which will affect spin, speed and control of the ball. There are basically two types of thicknesses:

Thin sponge: for better control and less speed

Thick sponge: for more spin, but less control

Do not forget that you will need to have two sheets of rubbers for both the sides of the bats and they need to be trimmed individually to the chosen side of the blade.

Step four: Racquet Cover

This is the stage where you need to select racquet cover which will protect it from dirt, liquid spells, dirt and sunlight.

A clean and maintained racquet is a must as it will be in a good condition.

Step five: Know where to buy

These days‘ table tennis racquets can be brought from tennis shop online with a wide range of choices.

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