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Types Of Kidney Stone Treatment In Delhi

in Health / Diagnosis by akmlink on 05/06/2016

We all are much aware that, what a kidney stone is and even the kinds that can be found in our body, right? But are you aware, about the removal process? Here we are speaking about the treatment to cure a kidney stone. This article talks about various kidney stone treatments that you can choose to have. Read on!

Kidney stone treatments in Delhi

1: The Laser Kidney Stone Treatment
Ureteroscopy is the most standard method used to grasp, any component of the kidney and further pulverize it to fragments

From the urinary cause, spotting to analysing and curing the small kidney stone – laser treatment is very helpful. 

This procedure is usually done under the spinal anaesthesia and needs only a day hospital stay and ensures restarting of work, within the period of three days.

This method makes use of a machine to splinter kidney stones into minor portions.  
The treatment involves the use of an optical fiber. Urologists put an optical fiber, often similar to the size of a hair inside the ureter of the patient, by placing the fiber mounting till it reaches  the kidney stones. The laser then becomes operational, and the vitality shatters causing the stone to split apart, while leaving the ureter's tissue unhurt.

2: Lithotripsy Treatment

It is done using shock waves which inherently are pressure waves and when they are focussed on the stone ,the energy of the pressure waves fragments the stone into fine powder

The lithotripsy method usually takes 45 minutes to an hour. 

In few cases a small pipe is passed to the kidney and is left till the lithotripsy is completed to ensure passing of urine and minor particles to pass out ..

3: RIRS Endoscopic Surgery.

Retrograde Procedure

This procedure is referred to as, Retrograde, as the uretroscope is taken further up to kidney pelvis and then to calyces and using optical fibre, laser pulverizes the stone . No cut is needed as again this is passed through normal urinary passage .

4: Key hole surgery

Keyhole Surgery is a well set method through which stones in the kidney are eradicated by making a minor cleft in the flank. A  wire is lingered through this incision inside the kidney. Keyhole Surgery takes place under the fluoroscopy. This surgery is only suggested as a cure out of choice, if the patient his suffering from kidney stones larger than 2 cm.

This method is usually practised  under a standard  anaesthesia, and the patient also needs to be admitted  to the medical centre for this treatment to take place. 

The choice of the kidney stone treatment to a large extent is dependent on the size and diagnosis of the kidney stone and suitabilty of the patient ..

The final decision as to the best suited procedure can be taken jointly with patient and hence a personal consultation is required.

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