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Ultrasound test, the easy and convenient diagnostic tool affordable to all

in Health / Diagnosis by Sulekha N on 03/13/2017

Diagnostic tests play a major role in the medical world today. Amongst the series of tests, Ultrasound is the oldest and most frequently used test. It uses the sound waves to create the image of internal organs. The test effectively diagnoses problems associated with tissues, tendons, etc.

It is also useful in identifying the problems in the growth of a baby. When doctors want detailed information about the internal organs, this test is preferred. You can find several good centers that offer ultrasound scanning in vijayanagar Bangalore.

How to prepare for an ultrasound

Preparation for ultrasound test is not very complicated. Also, it largely depends on the part of the body or particular organ that needs to be examined. Usually, patients are required to fast for eight to twelve hours if the abdomen is being examined. It is required because the undigested food may block the sound waves and affect the picture clarity.

For the ultrasound test of gallbladder, spleen, pancreas or liver, patients are advised to eat fat-free diet.  
In some tests, patients are required to drink a lot of water to make the bladder full. It gives an improved visibility.

You are informed about the preparation by the technician performing ultrasound scanning in vijayanagar Bangalore while scheduling the test.

How do they perform ultrasound?

There is no need t get hospitalized for it. The test can be performed in a hospital or diagnostic center. The patient lies down on a table, and the part of the body that is undergoing investigation is kept exposed. A lubricating jelly is applied on the skin to reduce the friction. Thus, the ultrasound transducer can move on the body effortlessly. The jelly also improves the transmission of sound waves.

These waves are of very high frequency. When they hit dense object in the body, they get echoed. The echoes are interpreted and converted into images by the Ultrasound Scanner.

Qualified doctors and technicians can understand the meaning of these images and find out the problem if any. Treatment is decided based on the findings.

Is it an expensive test?

No, it is one of the simpler and cheaper diagnostic tests that many people can afford. Typically, it ranges between a few hundred rupees to a few thousand rupees maximum.

Since it doesn‘t use radiation, there is no harm in using Ultrasound repeatedly. It is safe for pregnant women, unborn babies, adults, kids and elderly people.

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The ultrasound scanning in Vijayanagar Bangalore is provided by many diagnostic centres. Expert radiologist and modern machinery equipment is essential for carrying out ultrasound scanning.

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