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Understanding How Mobile Application Development Companies in India Are Gaining Momentum

in Internet / PPC Marketing by Rohit Tarodiya on 03/19/2016

The mobile app development industry is thriving and continuing to evolve year after year. We have swiftly seen mobile app market maturing from smart-phones and tablets to wearable devices to Internet of things. With these growing demands, mobile application development company in India are staying ahead of the curve for keeping up with the demand of mobile apps.
Since mobile apps are on the agenda for many big bang companies in 2016. Here are the top mobile app development trends that are going to take place in 2016.
Trimming Down Top Ten Mobile Application Development Trends for 2016 in India:
• Hybrid HTML5 will soar: According to industrial experts, hybrid HTML5 application development will continue to soar in the enterprise and with consumer apps. And they also predicted that Hybrid HTML 5 will become the most obvious choice for most enterprise use cases in 2016.

• IoT and Mobile App Integration: As stated by industry experts, enterprises in key verticals such as health care or hospitals, automobiles, payments will roll out their presence with Internet of things (IoT) devices in 2016.  
And in order to leverage this, they are going to require adoption of a more complete mobile integration platform. Since these platforms will modernize the enterprise backend infrastructure so that all information is available to all devices.

• Wearable Technology: In 2016 more trendy and updates versions of wearable technologies are expected to roll out.

• Power of Internet of Things: Internet of Things is growing exponentially with more and more people connecting via multiple devices. There is no doubt; Internet of Things will take center stage in mobile app development. It is predicted that the IoT will be the largest device market in the world. By 2019, it will flourish to a great extent and will double the size of smart-phones, PC, wearables etc.

• App Security: This year mobile app developers will focus a lot in app security issues. Since, 75% of mobile applications were failed in basic security tests past years.

• Mobile CRM and Wearable Tech: According to digital marketing evangelists, mobile and social are expected to integrate seamlessly into CRM platforms like never before in the coming months.

• Integration with Cloud Technology: Perhaps this integration was the stellar in 2015. And undeniably it will continue being so and will keep dominating the market in the coming years as well.

• Rise in Enterprise App: It is expected in growing months of 2016, around 35% of all big enterprises are likely to have their very own mobile app development platforms. Third-party enterprise app developers stand to gain traction in such a scenario. In fact, at present over 42% enterprise developers are vaunting monthly revenue of $ 10000.

Various analysts believe these positive trends will continue over the next 4 years as more and more consumers adapt to m-commerce. In order to keep up with the demand for more mobile apps, Mobile application development in India is looking toward a broader portfolio of services with enterprise-grade capabilities.

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