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Watch Ennu Swantham Jani on Surya TV Live

in Arts and Entertainment / Television by Anusha Kapoor on 08/02/2016

Ennu Swanthan Jani is a new television telecasted on Surya TV. Since the show started in this month, it has been a sensation in every Malayalam household all across India and a lot of south Asian countries with a high number of South Indian NRI populations.

The trailer of this serila had nodoubt made the audience more eager and also left them anxious to knwo what will happen to Jani. The character Janikutty is very popular among the Kerela audience. Niranjana is also one of the favorite Malayalam child actress who has been always choosen over for the serials. It was Manjurukum Kaalam in Mazhavil Manorama channel.

The storyline revolves around a young girl and her life. She is orphaned at very young age and is sidelined by her and try to avoid her at every possible time so much so that they even try to harm her, it‘s about a young girl‘s story through all the problems which she faces in life as a child who is left alone in this world with no one to take care of her.  
She is constantly on a look out for someone who will listen to her dilemmas of a day to day life, someone who will take care of her. One problem after the other keeps following her, this show tells the audience how this little girl survives this ruthless world, in which she has been left alone.

The Character of the child is played by none other than Niranjana, who happens to be a famous child artist is adored by her viewers. She is not an artist in making but she is already a star who, with this show has yet again had audiences glued to their seats with her performances.

Surya TV live has already started airing this show and it has proven to be a great success. Surya TV has always been telecasting he best serails and is one of the channel with engaging audience. Such a big success this show is that Surya TV has allotted five main weekday slots to this show airing it from Monday to Friday. So turn on your TV sets and welcome home Ennu Swantham Jani.

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