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World Air Quality Index Mobile apps
by Das Prakash on 06/27/2014

Air pollution is a major issue of concern today because it is just not affecting the balance of the environment but also human health. Many diseases seen around are because of the pollutants available in air. In our daily life we come in contact with different kinds of pollutants released by different sources. When we roam about we are exposed to pollution but when we are at home within closed doors even then we are not free from them because pollution can seep into houses even if the doors and windows are closed.

Air pollution is caused by smoke emitted from vehicles, forest fire and factory. Pollutants in air can cause mild to severe human disorder. Coughing is a very common problem seen among people who live specially in metro cities where pollution is more. Heart and lung disease are chronic problems caused due to pollution. The World Air Quality Index helps you know about the air quality of the place you live in. This communication tool is very handy and you can use it anytime to protect yourself from several health issues.  

The pollutants in the air keep changing. If you live in the central place of the city then you must have noticed that in morning hours there are more vehicles on the road. This is because this is the time when everyone head towards their work place. Pollutants in air during this time will be high when compared to the afternoon hours. Using the World Air Quality Index you can measure the amount of air pollution during different time of the day. If you are already suffering from some heart problem or other health issues then the result provided by the tool will help you avoid going out during the particular time when air pollution is at its peak.

Along with the air pollution tutorial, the device has last 3 years statistics which helps you compare and take necessary steps to control the problem. You can also compare the pollution level of 5 continents. Once you know the pollution level of different places you can check for information and create awareness among people to protect mother earth. There are many ways of reducing air pollution and planting trees is the best and the easiest option. There is also an amazing feature called pollution alert level in the app. The app is very handy and you having it will help you contribute in the pollution protection program.

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