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The company ZESTAD are rendering assistance to manufacturers and private persons both native and foreign in protection of rights on their intellectual and industrial property. All patent attorneys and patent engineers of company ZESTAD are skilled in art with big practice in their activity. The director of the company – Zuyeva Olena - is the patent attorney of Ukraine, member of AIPPI - International Association of the Intellectual Property Protection.


Company ZESTAD takes confidentiality and security issues very seriously. Our translators are sensitive to their responsibility and fully respect attorney-client privileges and attorney work product privileges. Contact us and You shall understand that You deal with the professionals our highly qualifies level!

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Contact us and You shall understand that You deal with the professionals our highly qualifies level!

Some info about our work and interests:

Union of National Business-Ratings by the results of independent national research of economic activities of Ukrainian companies in field of law in 2013-2014 years included ZESTAD – IP LAW COMPANY in TOP-100 and ZESTAD – IP LAW COMPANY received Gold Nomination and status «Field Leader» and entered into Winners Rating according to editorship of international electronic catalog «Commerce and Industry Ukraine». Union of National Business-Ratings is an international rating agency providing independent research using public statistic data. Every year Union of National Business-Ratings determine list of leading companies from different fields of business.

Our team extend appreciation for this award! We highly appreciate for such trust and continue perfect oneself and enlarge our activities.

Once interesting patent:

Up to now all deflecting or protective shields were the part of science fiction movies only. However only up to now. The engineers from Boeing brought such invented technology to our life. Such designed technology certainly was protected by patents. One of main goals of such technology is to create vehicle protection from shell explosion. The technology allows not only protection of vehicle from direct impact of the shell, but from shock wave after-effects.
Technology disclosed in patent briefly looks like: upon shell explosion near the vehicle equipped by the defense system, the sensor is activated and calculates direction of explosion and time which is needed to shock wave to reach the vehicle. After that the arc generator creates something like power shield. This shield partially reflects, partially absorb and partially changes the direction of shock wave.

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