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5 Cooking Techniques You Should Know to Enjoy Restaurant Quality Food at Home

in Food and Beverages / Cooking Tips by Lily Alvin on 11/10/2017

Homemade meals are healthy and cooking at home is cost-effective as well. People are often tempted to dine outside because they just love the taste of the food offered by a certain place. The home-cooked meals do not taste like the ones you enjoy at restaurants. The commercial places have appliances and utensils that you do not have but the taste of the food does not depend just on these tools. The key to cooking tasty food are the cooking techniques.

If you want to recreate the tasty dishes you find in the hot food displayof your favorite food place then here are some cooking techniques you should know.

Cooking with high heat:

People are often uncomfortable while cooking with high heat because they are afraid of burning the food. But if you know the technique then the vegetables are not going to turn mush and the steak is not going to burn on high flame. You should determine the intensity of heat by choosing the texture that you are looking to achieve.  

If you love to enjoy chicken or steak that has deep brown crust then you should cook with high heat.

Using abundance of shallots:

The shallots are not the most appreciated ingredient. People do not pay much attention to them when they think of coking delicious meals which is a huge mistake. The shallots are an ingredient that will improve and enhance the flavors of any dish. They are a critical part of savory dish and you should never be reluctant in using them as they will make the dish taste better.

Making your own stock:

People often rely on canned stock while preparing meals at home. It saves time and they are easier to use. But the canned stock is never going to taste like the one that is homemade. Whether you are using chicken stock or vegetable stock you should take time to make your own. They will have more flavor as you can add flavor according to your preferences. You can prepare a large batch and store it in the freezer for later.

Cooking in butter:

In restaurants they cook everything in butter and it makes a huge difference in the taste. At home people use cooking oil or olive oil and they do not add the same flavor as butter. The butter adds silky and creamy texture to the sauces. It gives food a richer texture and you will be able to enjoy restaurant quality food.

Resting the meat:

When you are cooking meal at home you want to eat it as soon as it is prepared but when it comes to steak you should refrain from cutting into it as soon as it is ready. It can make a huge difference to the taste of the meat. If you cut as soon as you take it off heat then you will allow all the juices to run out. Let the meat rest for a few minutes so that the juices are absorbed and evenly distributed in the meat. 

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