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5 Things You Must Try for Your First Seoul Winter

in Travel / Tourism by Joseph Kang on 01/05/2018

Seoul is a huge city with a long history, delicious eats, full or architectural monuments, legendary nightlife, and more. It has got 4 seasons with weather ranging from hot summer nights to snowy winter morning. Of course, you can enjoy something special in winter. A half-day-tour in Seoul offers a lot of things which is perfect for your trip. Here are a few things you can experience in Seoul Travel during winter.

Lots of winter activities-

Temperatures tend to be 4 degree Celsius in December and even down to 1 degree in January. Even though it is too cold Seoul Travel offers many exciting ways to outsmart the freezing temperatures. Lots of snowy sceneries and winter activities such as Ice-Skating,skiing, snowboarding, ice fishing and enjoying many winter festivals too. Take the pleasure of wonderful time of winter in this gorgeous country with adequate winter clothing.

Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink-

Winter in Korea may be cold, but there‘s much to see and do in December.  
Join the year farewell and have fun all over Seoul! The Seoul Plaza Ice Skating Rink is one of the city‘s most popular annual winter events. Each year in December, the plaza in front of Seoul City Hall is transformed into a winter wonderland. Have a magical winter day in Seoul and start off with a session of ice skating!

Celebrate Christmas in Korea-

Visit Seoul in December to experience the city's unique Christmas festivities! You can move to Cheonggye Plaza, which is located at the start of Cheonggyecheon Stream. Christmas celebrations in Seoul tend to be more secular than religious with several major Christmas events and a lot of fun activities throughout the city.

Seoul Tower at Night-

The views from the N Seoul Tower during the day are absolutely nice, but it is something more breathtaking at night. Getting into it during dusk is great, as it is the time you can observe the Seoul skyline transform in the changing light. You must definitely try this on your Seoul Travel trip to get an exceptional travel experience.

Warm up with Hot Korean Street Snacks-

The Seoul Travel is not complete without tasting the street food that dominates the street corners and subways. Walking around Seoul in the winter is being wonderful when you stop anywhere and chew on a range of delicious hot street snacks! Taste the inexpensive backed sweet potatoes and nugget-shaped chestnuts, especially in winter which are incredibly healthy.

Sledding at Everland-

Popular amusement park Everland stays relevant with its winter offerings. Everland provides the slope ofthe huge sledding hill which offers an opportunity for travelers of all ages to sled on the snow Busters.

Ice fishing -

Ice fishing can be fun. You can try it or join fishermen, fisherwomen at one of several ice fishing points to observe how to entertaining it can be!


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