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5 Ways Starting a Childcare Agency Will Help You Reinvent Yourself

in Business / Service Providers by William Padilla on 12/05/2017

When starting a childcare agency or any other business, you expect it to change your life, but it will also change you. Through interviews with carers and parents, we’ve gained a ton of experience – personal and professional – about how new business owners reinvent themselves. Because we can’t explain everything here, you can find 5 simple and profound changes below:

1. You Become More Accountable

When you own your own childcare agency or business, you are the boss. There is no one looking over your shoulder, no one to order you around, except yourself. In order to succeed, you must hold yourself accountable for your own choices. Becoming more responsible in business will make you more accountable in your personal life as well. This means that some business owners will find it easy to maintain friendships by making reasonable promises, while others will find the work and social life balance difficult.  

2. You Become a Better Friend

Starting a business with a partner isn’t always smooth sailing, but you can transfer skills from that partnership to other relationships. In some ways, you could compare business partnerships to a marriage: You’re in it together, richer or poorer, and you support each other, picking up the slack when possible. With this experience, you may find yourself more willing to compromise and find a common ground during arguments. Naturally, less arguments make for better friendships, so natural – or skilled – dealmakers will have more fulfilling relationships outside of work.

3. You Become More Empathetic

According to many senior managers and executives, empathy is a key factor of being an excellent boss, especially in a service-driven business like a childcare agency. As the boss of any business, you need to understand your employees and know what they are capable of. By considering problems from other perspectives, you can often find solutions that work for everyone, and gain valuable insight into your employee’s roles. Like with many of the skills required to run a business, empathy can be put to good use in other aspects of your life.

4. You Think Differently

Starting up a childcare agency (or any other type of business) will require you to face a variety of new and unique challenges, which means you may have to think in different ways. Owning a business is an all-day job, and will keep you on your toes. Some problems will require you to see them from multiple perspectives, as well as consider the long-term consequences. With a little empathy and foresight, it’s possible to approach a problem from multiple perspectives, and this will help your personal and business life to no end.

5. You Become More Confident

Many people dream of running their own business, or bringing an amazing new product to the world, but when you’re living the dream? Anything is possible. Running a successful business will increase your confidence in all areas of your life, and working towards that goal will fill you with determination.

Owning a business will force you to face your fears, and most people come away from the experience with new skills or valuable lessons. When you take the first step towards starting a new business, the challenges will be great, but so will the rewards, and you will come out of it a better person.

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