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6 Must Include Attractions in Itinerary to Make Jordan Tours Unforgettable

in Travel / Travel and Leisure by Jordan Private Tours & Travel on 12/05/2017

From prehistoric, man-crafted monumental wonders to modern Islamic cities, magnificent desert setting to luxurious beach resorts, the Arab country of Jordan is full of amazing diversity and account; all wrapped within a Middle East country same in the size of Maine. The fascinating culture of warm hospitality is deeply rooted in its Bedouin lifestyle. It all started out with a mission of survival, and everyone passing through the merciless desert was treated as a guest. Even if most of Arabian Bedouins in Jordan can be seen in semi-nomadic traits these days—and they tend to show up in a vehicle rather than on a camel. Jordanians are no doubt among the most cordial and openhearted of hosts, and the desert kingdom is one of the safest destinations for tourists. For unforgettable Jordan tours, below are mentioned a few iconic locations that you can choose to be part of your itinerary.

1.Petra (Rose-Red City) -

Lying in an isolated valley enclosed by Jordan‘s rocky mountains, Petra was out of sight in the world for centuries.  
After its rediscovery in 1812, this lost city is now recognized as Jordan‘s top attraction and has the reputation of a UNESCO heritage site. On Jordan tours, you will have to move through a 1.2km long gorge, called the Siq to reach the city of Petra. The rocks will lead your way to the unimaginable facade of Al Kazneh (the Treasury of Petra), which depicted as a royal tomb, but derived its name from the myth that the treasure of pirates was kept hidden there. It also featured in many movies including Arabian Nights and Indiana Jones.

2.Amman -

Apart from being the national capital, Amman is continuously inhabited oldest cities in the world. It shows a great assortment of cultures like the Persians, Assyrians, Romanians, and Macedonians, etc. Now, Amman is one of the versatile cities of the Middle East buoying with a modern infrastructure and a flourishing tourism sector. The city attractions go beyond the Roman Citadel and Theatre, the Al-Husseini Mosque and the Gold Souq to keep you engaged for more than a couple of days while going on a Jordan tour.

3.Jerash -

In the north of Amman is Jerash, one of the finely-preserved Roman inhabited cities in the Middle East, though archaeological excavation has confirmed of people living here since the Bronze Age. Jerash experienced a great rise after the Romans captured and ruled on it. It would be impressive to visit the excavated sites including the oval-shaped forum, the arcaded main street, the Hippodrome and the fascinating curve of Hadrian which accounts for only a quarter of the whole city area.

4.Wadi Rum -

Wadi Rum is the huge desert Valley towards the south of the Aqaba which resembles like the surface of the Moon rather than that of Earth. Don‘t miss the opportunity for an overnight stay in a clean and comfortable Bedouin camp and feast on appetizing grilled meats and local cuisines while on a Jordan tour. You can prefer to have a camel ride and see the sun rising in Wadi Rum that will be a cherished memory forever.

5.Castles -

There are plenty of castles in the harsh desert landscape of Jordan that will amaze you beyond expectation. Once serving as a desert house to wealthy or sanctuary for crusaders or posh bath houses dedicated to the cause of nobility, these crumbling structures are a reminder of the precious history of Jordan.

6.Dead Sea -

The Dead Sea is not just a mythical spot in Jordan history but also the lowest land with a hyper-saline atmosphere in the world. You can put on mineral-rich mud Dead Sea mud from top to bottom and take a bath once it gets dry. It will be fun to keep floating on the salty lake water due to its high salt content.

There are many private tour operators offering great packages to make the most out the Jordan tours with sightseeing cultural destinations, architectural structures, the crusader castles, desert dunes, and much more. With a precise plan of your Jordan tour, they will allow you to enjoy attractions matching your individual requirements preference and budget. Make sure you select the operator working on the finest itinerary and ensuring the convenience of transportation and accommodation for your Jordan tour.

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