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7 Amazing Methods to Cure Blackheads

in Health / Treatments by Ashley Bennet on 04/19/2017

There are some points in time we have suffered from blackheads, mostly at our teenage and adolescent ages. Blackheads or open comedones are black or yellow bumps formed when there is a clog developing in the opening of hair follicles because of excessive sebum with dirt and dead skin cells. The black color of blackheads is due to oxidization when the bumps expose to air not dirt.
The blackheads can appear anywhere in our body but normally be seen on our face, especially on the nose, chest, neck, shoulders, back, arms. Blackheads should be treated carefully or else the acne will breakout.

Why do blackheads occur?
Changes in hormone, unbalanced diet, lack of proper skin care, overusing domestics are the most common causes of blackheads. Besides, there are many noticeable reasons for blackheads you should consider:
Your body produces lots of oil: that can make the dead skin cells, sebum, dirt trapped in the hair follicles then causes blackheads.
Acne bacteria develop on your skin.  

The hair follicles are irritated as the dead skin cells are not eliminated often.
Hormonal changes breed to overproduction of oil on our skin.
Consuming some types of drugs namely birth control pills, drugs containing corticosteroids, lithium or androgens also contributes to the development of blackheads.

How to remove blackheads?
If you are looking for the effective and simple ways to treat blackheads, the following 7 amazing methods will satisfy you.

1. Baking soda:
Baking soda helps bleach the impurities on the skin like dirt and debris then treats blackhead and acne in turn.
How to use
- Take 2 teaspoons of baking soda and add a little water to create a paste
- Try to rub this paste on the affected skin and slightly massage the skin area for a few minutes
- Let the paste dry on its own before rinsing off with warm water
- Apply this method 1-2 times a week. Try to do this until you see encouraging results.

2. Lemon juice:
Lemon juice which works as a natural bleaching ingredient can help greatly with blackhead removal.
- Extract lemon juice from ½ of a fresh lemon
- Add some honey on it. You can add some sugar if you want to exfoliate your skin.
- Apply the mixture on your skin of blackheads
- After 10 minutes, rinse it off
- Try to apply this method 1-2 times a week.
Or you can make a facial cleanser from fresh lemon juice, rosewater or milk to clean your face every day.

3. Green tea:
Green tea is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which greatly helps with reducing oil production and inflammation with those of acne-prone skin.
How to use?
- Drop some dry green tea leaves on a glass of hot water to make a paste
- Rub the paste over the skin of blackheads and then allow it to dry on its own
- Then rinse off with warm water.

4. Milk:
Another way to treat blackheads from ingredient found in your kitchen is milk.
All you need is to prepare a small glass of raw milk and 1 teaspoon of nutmeg powder (it is optional). Then add the nutmeg powder into the glass of milk. Apply the mixture on skin affected skin. Leave it there for about 15 minutes. After that, use warm water to rinse it off. You should apply this daily to soon enjoy the fruitful result.

5. Turmeric:
Turmeric is another effective way to cure blackheads as it is known for well treating minor burns.
How to use?
- Prepare 2 teaspoons of mint juice and some turmeric powder to form a paste.
- Rub this paste on the skin affected along with doing slight massage
- Leave the paste dry on its own then rinse it off with warm water
Or you can create a thick paste with turmeric powder, red sandalwood and milk. Apply this paste on the skin with blackheads for about 15 minutes. Then wash off with warm water.

6. Egg white:
Albumin in egg white is considered as the key ingredient for tightening pore. Plus, egg white helps eliminate current blackheads and prevent your skin from tremendous grease.
How to use?
- Prepare 1 egg white and 1 teaspoon of honey
- Mix them up to create a paste
- Apply the paste to your affected skin
- Allow it to dry on its own then wash off with warm water
- Apply this method 1-2 times a week to enjoy fruitful results.

7. Epsom salt:
Last but not least, we can use epsom salt to treat blackheads.
How to use?
- Add 1 teaspoon of epsom salt, some iodine drops into a small glass of warm water
- Stir the mixture until the epsom salt totally dissolves
Then use a cotton swab to apply the mixture on the skin of blackheads. Let it dry on its own.
- Then rinse if off with another clean swab.

To avoid blackheads, bear in mind the following advice:
- Cleanse your face twice a day with mild cleanser
- Choose foundation, make-up, lotion, facial cleanser that are free of oil
- Wash off the make-up before sleeping
- Do not poke the blackheads because it can cause scars on your skin
- Stay away from alcoholic beverages, caffeinated drinks, smoking
- If you have blackheads so frequently, you would better stay away from some -
foods below to protect yourself: nuts, chocolate, ripe mangoes,avocado, eggs, shellfish, fried and fatty foods, dairy products such as cheese.

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