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Acai Bowls : Must try Food Trends in Houston

in Food and Beverages / Soft Drinks by Dexter Brown on 08/11/2017

Acai bowls are one of the biggest food trends now and have been hogging the limelight for quite some time. They are touted the healthiest breakfast in the world. Living in Houston, you probably know by now that these are readily available at the local juice bars and smoothie spots. If you are still wondering why this food is hailed so much, or why you need to pick one on your next visit to the local juice bar, here is some information that can help.

What are acai bowls?

Acai bowls are basically a thicker version of smoothies, made from the Brazilian acai berry. They are topped with oatmeal, fruit, butter, and sometimes sweeteners. Unlike smoothie drinks which can be sipped, acai bowls are eaten with spoons. These fruit bowls are loaded with health benefits, which make them a great choice for breakfast. Their texture resembles that of ice cream very closely, and hence makes them nice to eat too. They keep you full for a longer time (usually hours), and satisfy your craving for sweet stuff, while being healthy (unlike your sudden craving for a donut during snack hours).  

Acai Bowl Menu in Houston Juice Bars

You can grab an acai bowl at your local juice bar in Houston, or prepare one at home. The key to a great acai bowl lies in its texture, which is smooth yet thick enough to be scooped out. The recipes for these fruit based bowls are many, and you can make an acai bowl of your choice, with almost any fruit, nut, topping, and sweetener you want. Keeping this in mind, many smoothie and juice bars in Houston offer you the option of building your own acai bowls. These are made step by step, adding one ingredient at a time. Here is how it is done, and some popular ingredients that you can choose from.

• Base – the base to any acai bowl obviously is the blended acai fruit. However, some smoothie bars also let you make a pitaya bowl; one that uses dragon fruit as the base instead of acai. The texture and taste vary in the two cases. Pitaya bowls tend to be milder and slightly sweeter than acai bowl.

• Fruit blend – once you have picked your base, it is time to make your blending choice. Here, you essentially decide on the fruits, greens or veggies that you want blended into your power packed breakfast. Popular fruit choices include banana, mango, and pineapple. Berries like strawberry and blueberry can also be added at this stage. For those fond of green goodness, there are choices of hemp protein, spirulina, kale, and spinach.

• Liquid twist – you also get to play around with the acai bowl by adding some liquid. The most preferred ingredients are homemade almond milk, fresh cold pressed apple juice, and fresh coconut water. Each of these comes with its own set of health benefits, and lends a unique taste to your healthy fruit bowl.

• Topping – Up next is a huge list of toppings that can be used to customize your acai or pitaya bowl. These could be crunchy granola or gluten-free granola for those who are allergic to it. There could also be whole fruits like banana, berries like blueberry, raspberry, goji berry, mulberry, and strawberry. Dry fruit, nuts, and seeds such as sliced almonds, golden berry, and chia seeds can be added to your bowl to make it tastier. You could also opt for other toppings like coconut chips, fresh coconut meat, peanut butter, cacao nibs, or coconut oil.

• Sweeteners – these are optional and need to be added only if you want your acai bowl to taste sweeter than what it really is. Commonly used sweeteners include honey (locally sourced and organic versions taste better) and agave.

These different ingredients blended and mixed together give you the perfect acai bowl of your choice. So the next time you step out to a juice bar, don‘t forget to grab a healthy acai bowl for your breakfast.

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