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Are You Hypnotizable? A Lesson in Cognitive Style vs Personality

in Self Improvements / Hypnosis by Ray Thompson on 02/17/2015

Several studies in recent years show 15-30% of the population are highly hypnotizable. There are only about 25% of the population that may be difficult or impossible to hypnotize. However, it doesn't depend on personality, but on cognitive ability in order to hypnotize a person. You can also use self-hypnosis to change behavior patterns you don‘t want anymore.

Of course, there are exception to everything since this study is a sample of the population and not the whole population. However, more testing is being done at major research facilities to analysis how hypnosis works on the mind and health of a person.

Hypnotists have stated people with good imagination and who can picture things more clearly in their minds at easily hypnotized. Cognitive abilities, as opposed to emotional or volitional (a choice) abilities, are the acts of thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining, or learning.

Every person has different mental abilities. Since the 1950s, hypnosis has been used for behavioral modification such as to quit smoking, weight loss, allergies, and relieving stress and anxiety.  
Some people have even used hypnosis to change their behavior such as becoming a better listener, not talking over other people, or changing a behavior such as pulling your hair or scratching for no reason.

Self-hypnosis can be a very useful tool for those suffering from stress or health conditions such as allergies. Using a hypnotist can help you clear your mind for gentle suggestion. You can use the following to clear your mind and open it up to hypnosis, especially if you want to change your behavior.

•Sit quietly in your own space and repeat important behavior changes. This helps to replace the saying you already have in your mind such as “I‘ll never lose this baby weight,” “I‘ll never find a person to love me,” or "I'm never lucky with that type of thing." Replace them with "I'll lose weight in a month," I'm lucky all the time," or "I will find someone to fall in love with." Make them positive to replace the negative saying you always repeat. Do this every day 10 to 15 minutes every day for a month and you will see changes in your thinking pattern. Keep to the present such as "I will," and not what you're going to do in the future.

Of, course, many people will need to visit a professional hypnotist to overcome deeply imbedded behaviors. These are ones that have been with you as long as you remember, usually from childhood. They can also be there because someone has always told you "you can't lose weight" or "you'll never be as skinny as your sister/brother."

If you open your mind to being hypnotized, you'll most likely be able to change or, at least, modify the behaviors you want to change.

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