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Automatic swimming pool cleaners make pool cleaning incredibly simple

in Recreation and Sports / Water Sports by Raju MC on 01/15/2015

Swimming pools do not remain limited to five-star hotels and resorts today. Housing societies, recreation clubs, and even individual houses have personal swimming pools. No wonder, there is a huge requirement for Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners because it is not possible to maintain cleanliness manually. They make the task of cleaning very simple and efficient. There is no need to spend long hours in cleaning the leaves, moss or dirt at the bottom. These equipment keep it spotless clean and hygienic. There is a variety of cleaning systems available in the market. Only the best suitable can be shortlisted.

Suction-Side Cleaner

A suction-side cleaner is one of the most widely available Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners. It uses the circulation system of the swimming pool for driving water movement. However, experts suggest that it affects the pumping operation because of extensive use of the pool‘s circulation system.  
In a majority of the cases, lowered water flow is experienced when the cleaning system is on. The prices vary greatly depending on the make and model.

Robotic Cleaner

As the name suggests, a robotic cleaner is an intelligent device that runs on electricity and does not require water flow from the circulation system of the swimming pool. There is no impact on the pump, and very high-quality cleaning can be obtained. No wonder, these systems become quite popular among commercial pool owners and hotels. They are Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners with self-contained garbage collection mechanism. Since they make the pool fabulously clean, experts suggest that only twice a week cleaning is sufficient to maintain high-level of cleanliness and hygiene. Though the initial cost is very high, they come out to be a good choice in the long run. There is no additional cost required on plumbing or installation.

In-floor cleaners

In-floor cleaners use the internal circulation system of the swimming pool to push debris to the main drainage system. It gets captured by the filters, and the pool becomes clean. Since they work in the similar fashion like return lines work, it is possible to send heated water to the pool. Experts say that these cleaners can be effectively used for heating the so-called ‘dead spots‘ (spots that are difficult or impossible to heat in the normal way). They are good for individual swimming pools or in a small setup.. These cleaners need comparatively more maintenance and care in the category of Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners.

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