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Buy Windows 10 Pro at a Discounted Price Using Windows 10 Pro Promo Code

in Shopping / Coupon Codes by Christine Bleakley on 10/08/2017

Built for Business

Microsoft Windows 10 Pro has been specially developed for business purposes. Business people can use the Windows 10 Pro Promo Code and purchase Windows 10 Pro that provides great features to the users. Business involves using a number of documents and other files that run into several thousands of them. The file size of each of the files may also be very high. Therefore, it becomes a pain to break your heads on how to store all those important files. However, Windows 10 Pro offers free cloud storage space of up to 1 TB. You can now store all your business files, documents; Excel spread sheets, videos, music files and others automatically in cloud. It is like storing files in a virtual online drive in real time. Business involves a lot of travelling. You will naturally have to travel to different places on business purposes and yet need to access some important file urgently.  

Windows 10 Pro gives you the option of logging in with remote desktop and use your Windows 10 Pro PC from anywhere and everywhere. You can access your PC from home, road, shop or any other place where there is an internet connection. You can also access all the apps that you need the most or use the most by creating your own private app section in the Windows store.


One of the most interesting features of Windows 10 Pro is the BitLocker feature. This feature ensures that no other person can access your system in case you misplace your laptop or if it gets stolen. The BitLocker feature will lockdown everything and will promptly deny access to your important data. So you can be rest assured of the security of your data. BitLocker is useful not just for flies that are there in your system, but also for files that are stored in external storage devices. The BitLocker to GO feature lets you use the security feature even for files that are stored in external storage devices like pen drives or external hard disks. The Windows Defender Antivirus is a very powerful tool that works using the power of cloud to protect your machine from existing and emerging threats. Along with cloud, Windows Defender Antivirus also uses wide optics, machine learning and behavior analysis to ensure that your system does not get affected with sophisticated threats. All the updates are done automatically and you will always have the latest version of Antivirus Tool with you that provides ongoing protection against the present and future threats.

Instant Sign-in

Unlike other systems where you have to wait for at least 2 mins for the system to settle down after booting, you will be able to sign-in in less than 2 seconds with Windows Hello. You can also log in at a speed that is three times faster normal login speed through facial or fingerprint recognition. You also have the option of using the conventional way of entering the password to log in if you are uncomfortable with using facial or fingerprint. Therefore, use the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro promo code immediately uses multiple applications and documents without bothering about system hang-ups.

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