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Career benefits of teaching

in Education / Schools and Colleges by james walker on 08/25/2017

There are many benefits and reasons for becoming a teacher. Although teachers are not rich, their salaries are as good as any other professional worker. In fact, teachers are paid around 11 per cent more than the average professional worker. Teachers also get many opportunities for advancement and their incomes increase with the passage of time. A teacher‘s job is stable and secure and most teachers who are married to teachers usually own their own property plus additional property that they rent out. Teachers make a decent living but they have to study and earn a degree in the field of teaching before they can be issued a license to teach. Teachers also get other such benefits which include medical benefits, pensions etc., which many people in other professions are not receiving because the school districts pay all their contributions for their health, dental and optical benefits. Teachers also avail other perks that include sick leaves and tuition repayment so in essence teacher earns more than other people.  

Another very big advantage is that teachers save on childcare expenses because their teaching schedules are in accordance with the time that their children are also at school which gives them the flexibility of being home with their children both before and after and also during vacation time.
Therefore there is no conflict in the children and the parent‘s schedules. Teachers also learn a lot from the questions that their students ask them because students think that their teachers know everything and a good teacher never wants to disappoint his/her students. So if they do not know the answer to their student‘s questions, they look for the answer so as not to disappoint their students. Teachers also work for lesser time than their corporate equivalents. The corporate workday is 8 hours per day which turns into 10-12 hours because of the pressure and amount of work that needs to be done. Teachers do not work for as much as corporate executives but they earn nearly as much as people who work in other offices and sometimes more than them.

Teachers have better job security than most other professions. When a person has established him/her as a good teacher then they are in continuous demand and are never out of a job. There is hardly ever any downsizing or layoffs in schools because the parent will send their children to school and teachers are required to teach the children who attend school. Teachers are respected in their respective communities because children look up to them and parents like what their children like. Teachers get more holiday time than other professions. There is the summer break, the winter break and numerous other days when school is off. To qualify as a teacher requires a lot of studying and hard work, but once all that is done, the person earns good money, has job security, respect in the community and the most holiday time than other professions. Teaching is one the best job there is and there are few jobs that can beat the teaching profession

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