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Container liners as efficient means for bulk shipment of goods

by Gopal V on 07/26/2014

Container liners are an important mode of transportation of bulk goods as they allow shippers to protect their products while they are being transported. Container liners are vital in order to ensure that your bulk goods are stored and transported safely from one place to another. They are primarily used to carry out large commodity shipments through the sea. When goods are being shipped in these container liners, no additional packaging is required as the liners are going to be fully sealed. The package systems are made out of high quality food grade polyethylene materials. Container liners protect goods from being damaged or contaminated from dirt, dust, rust, water, air pollutants, etc. The liners can be easily installed and implemented and they provide 100% protection of water. The dry bulk containment liners are used for a number of applications, such as to store and transfer food products, wines, juices, chemicals, minerals, oil, petrochemicals, agricultural products, pharmaceutical products, etc.  

In order to use the dry bulk containment liners, they are at first suspended in a large-sized bulk container and then expanded slowly using a gas inflate. Materials can be loaded by using a hopper which is positioned at the top. The liner should be chosen appropriately so that its size conforms that of the containment box. Numerous container liners are available in standard sizes of 20, 30 or 40 feet, but one can opt for more customized sizes as well. In some cases, thermal liners are employed along with container liners as they protect the goods to be transported from possible temperature variations. Thermal liners make sure that the heat inside a container is kept constant, which is vital to protect a number of temperature sensitive materials like foods, chemicals and pharmaceutical products.

Usually polyethylene or polypropylene materials are used to manufacture these dry bulk containment liners. Polyethylene dry bulk container liners are most frequently used for the shipments of fish, cement, sugars, chemical products, etc. On the other hand, polypropylene bulk container liners are generally used for carrying different types of food items and products. The liners are equipped with hooks, bulk heads, steel bars and various other types of accessories which help users to safely load and unload the goods.

The container liners provide with very safe means to transport bulk goods and they are also quite cost effective as well. For this reason they are often preferred over other means of bulk good transportations. In fact, container liners work more efficiently when they are specifically used to carry bulk goods. On the other hand, it can be a bit of a financial burden for you to use container liners for products with low volume. If you are wondering of ways in which you can transport your goods conveniently while at the same time protect them from handling damages, contamination or other issues, using container liners is your best option. Most container liner manufacturers will provide you with a user manual that will help you install the liner and use it efficiently.

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When it comes to container liners, it is PE type that most suits the majority bulk shipment of materials.

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