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Different types of automatic swimming pool cleaning systems

by Raju MC on 08/01/2014

Automatic swimming pool cleaners are predominantly used nowadays to clean swimming pools as they are much more time saving compared to the manual pool cleaners. While buying Automatic swimming pool cleaners, you should always opt for a branded one. Although it costs more than one that is locally made, it provides with much better services in terms of usability and durability. There are three different types of automatic pool cleaners, namely, skimmer systems, in-floor systems and booster-pump systems.

In-Floor Systems

The in-floor swimming pool cleaning systems are installed when the swimming pool is being constructed. This type of cleaning systems is directly integrated with the swimming pool's circulation system. Hence if you are planning to get an in-floor swimming pool cleaning system installed, you need to decide that beforehand. The cleaner is equipped with heads which pop up around the bottom of the swimming pool and spray water jets to push dirt and debris towards main drain.  
With this cleaning system, the actual process of cleaning occurs in the pool's circulation system.

Skimmer Systems

In these variants, the cleaner is attached to a skimmer which is used to continuously vacuum the pool. The opening of the skimmer suction is connected to the vacuum head with the help of a standard model of vacuum hose. The hose typically roams at the bottom of the swimming pool. The pump strainer pot should be maintained clean while using this. Leaves or other debris may clog the strainer pot which can reduce suction capacity. You should get the strainer pot cleaned from time to time or use a leaf-collecting canister to prevent accumulation of leaves and debris.

Booster-Pump Systems

In the booster-pump cleaning systems, a wholly separate pump is used to trap the water that's about to reenter the pool after coming back from the filter and the heater. High stream is forced by the pump to the water via a flexible hose that is connected to a cleaner which moves around the swimming pool. Two different types of bumper systems are used for cleaning the swimming pool. The first one is the Vacuum Head; the Sweep Head is the second variant. Vacuum head pool cleaners are used to grasp the bags for gathering debris while sweep head pool cleaners stir up the debris with long swirling arms in order to guide it to the main drain where it's either caught in filter or sucked into debris water.

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