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Different types of swimming pool filter cartridges

in Recreation and Sports / Water Sports by Raju MC on 10/05/2014

If you are looking to update the architecture of your swimming pool, then a practical way to do so would be to install some good pool filter cartridges. There are a lot of options that are available in the market when it comes to high quality pool filter cartridges that can cost less but provide long term services. Buying your cartridges from a reputable company can provide you with plenty of beneficial features. In case your old filtration cartridges are giving you trouble, you should immediately get some superior quality swimming pool filter cartridges that are technologically advanced as well as easy to clean.

As there are different types of pool filter cartridges available in the market, users often get confused as to which type may be suitable for them. There are primarily three principal types of pool filter cartridges that are available in market. Here is a brief description of some of the most well known variants of swimming pool filter cartridges.

Sand filter cartridges

These cartridges are filled with pool grade sand which is used for the purpose of filtration.  
The overall size and the surface area of these cartridges is almost the same as that of the filter device itself. In these filters, water is forced or pumped through the mechanism. The dirty water gets separated at the top, after which the purified water gets released into the swimming pool via a couple of lateral tubes that are present at the lower part of the filter.

Diatomaceous Earth filters

In these filtering equipments, fossilized exoskeletons of several tiny diatoms are grounded and used for coating the grids in them. As they are porous, this DE material serves as a sieve to filter out the impurities and debris from the water. Diatomaceous earth filter cartridges require a coating of earth any time the process of filtration gets hindered.

Cartridge mechanism

In these filters, there‘s a cartridge present in every filtration device. The filtration material itself has a larger surface area than what is present in the sand filters. For this reason, these filters can remain unclogged for longer durations and provide with better performance. Since these devices use disposable filters, it also saves users from getting them cleaned regularly. The disposable filters can be removed once they are clogged with impurities. This type of pool filter cartridges offers an economic solution to the regular cleaning of swimming pools.

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