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Go in for these 9 Tile Flooring patterns that suit every decor

in Home and Family / Interior Decoration by Sandy on 09/15/2017

Tile designs can be complicated layouts in search of the creative and the fashionable. Yet, why should you need a refurbishment after two years to follow newer trends? It would be wise to opt for eternally modern designs of flooring that blend with any style but are charming and robust. Our latest collection of modern tiles would bring many smiles!

Dove Havenwood

We always loved hardwood on the floor but now you have something even better. Install the hardwood look in wet areas where the wood will not do. The wood look porcelain tile is the solution. The very realistic and attractive Dove Havenwood Porcelain is a delicate, pale ‘greige‘ that has all the knots and grains of real wood. Splash around without fear.

Saddle Havenwood

The gold and brown pleasant colors of Saddle Havenwood Porcelain suit any interior around the home or business. Long lasting and practical, get it in 8”x36” planks in conventional patterns.

Beige Havenwood Porcelain

Inkjet printing is the secret that delivers the perfectly realistic wood look modern tile like Beige Havenwood Porcelain.  
This imitation looks like pine, very easily cleaned and resisting scratches and water. Install the short and wide 8”x36” planks in creative patterns.

Platinum Havenwood Porcelain

This variety presents a number of assorted patterns, unlike many of the other wood look tiles. With Platinum Havenwood Porcelain, it would be possible to achieve a very realistic arrangement. Artistic installations are possible with the light and dark planks. Get ready for very striking patterns.

Cream Livingstyle Porcelain

What are your thoughts about modern designs? Most think that modern décor means a simple and clean pattern of minimal designs. Cream Livingstyle Porcelain tile promotes a gentle off-white color with delicate patterns. Put them on the floor and the wall with the large 24”x24” tiles and 18”x36” planks.

Beige Livingstyle

When it comes to contemporary scenarios, the flooring may not be the center of attention but it need not be uninteresting. Beige Livingstyle Porcelain has a delicate linear pattern in a matte finish that blends so well. The design is easy to match. Nothing is easier to care for.

Cream Optima

Simplicity is getting very popular nowadays in terms of décor. Cream Optima Porcelain brings an organized, peaceful setting. Choose between the matte and polished finish of these off-white tiles. Bright-colored tiles could be added to space and match them would be easy.

Grigio Watercolor

The natural looking material would be loved forever just as nature is. Grigio Watercolor Porcelain reproduces natural stone patterns of many mid-tone grays. We often find that modern décor is getting too plain and such a tile would bring a fascinating approach.

Bianco Watercolor

Eternally unchanging, the pale gray shades form a consistent background to fashionable patterns. Bianco Watercolor Porcelain accommodates many impulsive changes in colors and patterns from steel gray to bright orange. Whether in country surroundings or smart urban apartment complexes, this tile blends in everywhere equally perfectly.

Styles in tile patterns and materials are ever changing like the weather. A wise choice would be the long lasting, easily maintained porcelain tiles that blend into any environment. Industrial backgrounds, art and culture, the traditional and the modern will all do well with porcelain and the wood look variety if you fancy that.

Come to us for the great variety of tiles, now that some have attracted your attention. Get aware of the prevailing trends of the past, present, and future.

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Some patterns are certain to strike the fancy, especially those based on natural materials like wood and stone. Arrange them on floors and walls in artistic patterns.

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