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How a Corporate Mentalist Can Impart New Concepts to Employees

in Self Improvements / Hypnosis by Ray Thompson on 11/18/2014

Corporate entertainment is on the rise if you want to create more team work with your employees. Since many people are doing the work of two or three people, entertaining them is the best way to bring their stress level down. After all, the human body can only take so much stress before it burns out. Using a corporate mentalist is not only entertaining, but it can also be instrumental in learning new concepts.

In order for a stress out person to absorb information that is new to them they have to study. However, using a corporate mentalist to incorporate the new information into their stage act can work for the better of the company and the employee.

They learn the concept without knowing they are learning something new. They will also be entertained and that will lessen their stress of the job. Also, sitting in a classroom listening to instructions about a new concept can be boring. The more bored they are, the less they will learn, not to mention they might even fall asleep during the lecture.  

Being entertained while learning a new concept can be the fastest way to implementing the concept. People feel safe if they are being entertained because the fun overrules the lesson you want to impart to them. They won't be expecting the lesson, but will absorb it since it wasn't in a lecture hall.

Ray Thompson is a stage hypnotist and a corporate mentalist with a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology who has worked his magic for corporations such as Wells Fargo Mortgage, Iowa Bankers Assn, Clinton Riverboat Days and at the Bourbon Street Casino in Las Vegas. His magician act is some of the finest entertainment, but as a corporate mentalist, he is fast becoming the one person to call when you want corporate entertainment.

When you hire Ray, all you have to do is give him the venue you want to cover and he'll take care of the rest. You can use him for entertainment for your staff, clients, or stockholders. He puts on a very good show for corporate entertainment events.

Using a corporate mentalist will:

• Build morale with the staff
• Increase productivity
• Increase sales
• Increase teamwork
• Balance networking between departments
• Be entertaining to the staff, clients and stakeholders

Corporate entertainment can be used for:

• Conventions
• Conferences
• Retreats
• Private Concerts
• Christmas Parties

Using corporate entertainment to bring together all departments within your company can be one of the best solutions for increasing profits and relieving stress.

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