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How To Choose The Best AED: Here Are Some Practical Tips

in Business / Advertisements by torres on 05/14/2018

If you‘re thinking of buying an automated external defibrillator (AED), you will need to know a few more things other than it‘s important in saving lives. You have to take into consideration a lot of things including the price, purpose and even the unique features per model. You can‘t expect every unit to have the same functions as a LIFEPAK CR Plus AED if they were designed for a different purpose.

1. Purpose and Location

The very first thing that you have to think about before you buy an AED is its purpose. Will you store it indoors with the expectation that it‘s going used there? If it‘s indoors, is it for the office in case someone working needs it or will it be located at the locker rooms of a football field just in case the unexpected happens during a game?

Depending on the purpose that you‘ve decided on, there are different AED models that have their own safety features. Some are designed to withstand up to 500 pounds of pressure while some are ideal for areas which accumulate high dust and dirt with no effects on the efficiency when used.  
Knowing why an AED is going to be where it‘s going to be will also help you answer the questions below.

2. Ease of Use

When you‘ve decided on the purpose and location of the AED, you will know the types of people that will have to use it. Will the users be trained with CPR/AED or are you going to depend on first responders like EMS? If professionals are going to be the ones using the unit, you should go with a manual defibrillator that has an ECG display.

You should also know whether the people that are going to use the AED are aware of where it will be stored. Will it be inside a cabinet or is it going to be mounted on the wall? Make sure that the area is secure and only people that have the basics of using the AED have access to its storage to prevent untoward incidents.

3. Features

When you know the people that are going to use the AED and who they will be used for, it‘s now possible for you to make a list of features that you need. Will the population in the area require you to get an extra LiFePO4 battery? Maybe the inexperienced users will be better suited to a unit that has automated features.

A variety of features that you can pick and choose are things like the stability, automation, durability, weight and override capability. It‘s important to consult an expert or a specialist regarding certain features if you‘re unsure of whether you need them or not. A missing feature could be the cause of an oversight that could lead to something that worsens a person‘s condition.

In conclusion, the most important things that you have to think about when choosing an AED go beyond the pricing and warranty. Always be looking at the specifics to have a unit that‘s perfect for the location and people it‘s going to be interacting with.

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