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How to know the Price of Emerald (Panna) Stone?

in Shopping / Jewellery by Shahid Ali Khan on 07/08/2017

Is grading of Emerald possible?
Unlike Diamond jewelry, Emeralds can't be graded. Their Quality must be meticulously seen to comprehend its value. All of the conditions used for Emerald grading by Merchants like AAA Quality, A1 Quality etc are misleading conditions.
What is the price of quality Emerald stone in India?
The price of Quality Emeralds stone begins at approx Rs 3000 per carat. However, the commercial quality gemstone is also in great demand in India. The Commercial Quality range starts from Rs 1000 per carat. The Stones available below this range tend to be called 'Industrial Quality' stones.
How exactly to check the grade of Emeralds?
The grade of Emerald is adjudged majorly on the next characteristic:
1. Color
2. Clarity
3. Cutting
4. Surface
How to assess the color of Emerald?
The Emerald must have proper renewable Color. Emeralds may display secondary shades of Blue, Dark brown or Gray.  
But only Pure Green Colored Emeralds are believed Jewel Quality. For Astrology, only Green Emeralds are preferred. Bluish of Blackish colours are strictly averted.
How to identify Clarity of Emerald Stone?
The Emerald must have minimum appropriate Transparency level. Opaque Emeralds aren't considered good stone. Emeralds with way too many inclusions are also not considered appealing. However, Thread-like addition is the natural aspect of Emerald and considered a fundamental element of the natural stone. The Addition in the Emeralds is often known as 'Forest' because of its appearance just like a forest inside the stone. Once the emerald is Opaque, It could look clear but actually, all the inclusions get concealed in the opaque natural stone. Actually, the stone becomes opaque only once the inclusions are way too many, so as they don't permit the light to go away.
How important is the Cutting of Emerald Gemstone?
Any Gemstone should be cut properly to meet the criteria as Gemstone. Poorly lower Stones cannot show proper luster. The Luster will depend mainly on the Slicing and polishing of the stone. Inferior Quality stones are often directed at semi-skilled cutter for lowering. It is because buying the reducing of inferior stone could become a lossy affair for the supplier. Fine Quality stones are minimizing carefully to draw out the very best quality of the natural stone. While second-rate quality stone is cut to cover up its flaws, leading to unsymmetrical cutting.
What should be examined regarding Surface Structure of Emerald?
The Feel of the stone should be clean and clear. It will not need Blemishes, Splits or cavities on its surface. The occurrence of surface flaws brings about poor luster. Astrologically also, such surface flaws should be averted.

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