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How to Take Backup from cPanel and WHM with less effort using JetBackup?

in Internet / Web Hosting by JetApps on 08/25/2017

We all know the importance of backing up data. Let us highlight some more things about backups, the benefits, and the difference between JetBackup and the traditional ways of backups.

Why Backup?

If you are running an online business, then Backups are something you should not take carelessly. Because, anything can happen at any time; whether you delete some files unintentionally or if your server crashes or is hacked, a backup can help you restore your information.

Data loss is unavoidable. Server failure, natural disaster, virus, malware, human errors, hackers, etc… the possibilities are endless. So, Backups are a necessity for your online business.

Why JetBackup? What is the difference?

Why JetBackup? Of course, there are a number of cPanel and WHM backup services available. But, among them, JetBackup offers more features.

• Multiple Remote Destinations
• Self-Restores
• Sell Backup Services
• Native CloudLinux Support
• Incremental Remote Backups and much more

Let us see what the difference between normal cPanel backup and JetBackup are

• Limit jobs per reseller/package
• WHMCS module to sell backup services
• Backup directly to remote destination
• CloudLinux support (put the backup process inside LVE)
• Point-in-time local/remote incremental backups
• API Access to backup/restore system
• Multiple backup destinations
• Multiple backup jobs to multiple destinations
• Limit backup space/inodes for users
• Download files from local/remote backup
• DR Mode – Clone accounts by scheduled between servers
• Self-restore GUI for cPanel users
• Single file restore from local/remote backup

The above features you can get only by using the JetBackup, not by the normal traditional cPanel backup.

How to WHM Backup to Amazon using JetBackup?

Let us see how to backup WHM data to Amazon S3 step by step below

Step 1: Login to your WHM account
Step 2: Scroll down. Find JetBackup in plugin area at the left side menu bar.
Step 3: In JetBackup options, click Backup Destination. (It is a sub menu of the backup manager)
Step 4: There you can find the Backup Destination options. Click on Add new Destination button.
Step 5: You will see add new destination form. Fill that form. First, select the type to Amazon S3
Step 6: Fill other credentials like access key id, secret access key, etc…
Step 7: After the completion of filling the form, click create new destination button.
Step 8: That‘s all. The remaining backup process is same like other methods.

This way we can WHM Backup to Amazon using JetBackup.

JetApps offers the wonderful products to backup, clone, migrate your valuable cPanel and WHM data. JetBackup is one of the best products offered by them. Using JetBackup you can backup your cPanel and WHM data with ease.

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