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Improve GC Results for Challenging Polar Compounds

in Science and Technology / Science by JOHN Lipsky on 08/25/2017

It is important to analyze complex mixtures of compounds in applications, for example, food, flavor, fragrance, and other industrial chemicals. Accurate and repeatable results are crucial so as to ensure quality and consistency. There are some WAX stationary phases like, PEG (polyethylene glycol) which are used gas chromatograph analysis of almost every compound with polar functional groups. It is important to make WAX columns ideal so as to use in these applications. To achieve better qualification of active analytes, lower detection limits and full realization of gas chromatography instruments Flow path inertness is used.

Have a look at some of the tips to improve GC results for challenging polar compounds:

• It is crucial to attaining better peak shapes for better responses. GC analysis of chemically active compounds can be a challenging task in some situations like when trying to control the interaction of active analytes on the GC flow path.  
Flow path inertness is given paramount importance as it achieves:

1. Higher sensitivity

2. Accuracy

3. Reproducibility

The first step is to choose the right column as a column represents the largest surface area within the GC flow path. It can be a cumbersome job to find a Wax column that is not only inert but also retains similar performance from column to column. It is crucial to have greater column inertness performance so as to spend less time in troubleshooting and achieve confident results of the analysis.

It is crucial to achieving increased stability of target compound peak shapes while maintaining WAX column selectivity.

It is important to achieve correct leak free connection consistently. Guard columns can protect analytical column. For this deactivated fused silica capillary with flexible metals ensures optimum inertness and provides a robust connection.

• There are real-world requirements of these compounds from food, fragrance to industrial chemical applications. Alcohol and glycol have many industrial applications such as they are used in cosmetics, perfumes, and toothpaste. These compounds are also a crucial part of essential oils, food additives, and aroma. For such products, identification and qualification are required so as to achieve quality control. Normally toothpaste formulas are made up of various components such as propylene glycol and glycerin. Diethylene glycol and ethylene glycol are used as antifreeze. Although, regulatory agencies are concerned about the use of DEG and EG in the toothpaste and cough syrups. The chemical properties of these compounds often result in tailing when analyzed in stationary GC columns. Everyone thrive for better results and excellent performances while using the WAX columns.

Lavender oil is one of the most used essential oils. It is often used in hair and skin care products and carries typically more than 100 individual components. The composition of lavender oil varies from supplier to supplier, although it is made up from the same plant. The composition depends on species, location, weather conditions and level of expertise. Hence it is very important to do a chemical analysis of lavender oils. This analysis is performed using GC analytical techniques. These characterizations of the complex oils are carried out using different stationary phase columns, a polarity column having low polarity and a polar column so as to acquire more reliable and quantitative data. To achieve better peak shapes and improved sensitivity for active compounds, the important factor is the inertness of WAX column. This factor results in more qualitative and quantitative data so as to ensure the quality of products.

• Use WAX column which is tried and tested in the industry so as to get better and enhanced results.

These compounds have many industrial applications as mentioned above hence use the best methods to analyze the quality of compounds.

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