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Luxury Interior Design Trends 2018 You Need To See

in Business / Agriculture by chavez on 05/14/2018

Every year, luxury interior designers London companies come up with new ways to impress homeowners. Perhaps it‘s a new accessory for your home that nobody has thought of before or a style of arranging furniture in a room that‘s unique. The interior design world is constantly thinking forward and moving all ways to innovate.

In 2018, interior design has shifted to more frugal and eco-friendly trends. Last year, it was all about how much money you were willing to spend in order to make your home look better. This year, the focus is on a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally.

1. Colour Palette

Earthy room colours are the trend in 2018 with green and brown leading as primary colours. Dark red, light orange, blue and white are used as complementary colours to accentuate what‘s inside the room. Materials that fit well with these colours such as dark wood and light tiles make room feel cozy yet majestic.

When these colours are combined in the right manner, they give the illusion of a more spacious room.  
It‘s perfect for those who live in a big household or those that require a working space that doesn‘t feel to cramped when they‘re at home. Cabinets, floors and walls with cork are also trends in 2018 that blend in well with these selections.

2. Maximalism

Last year, minimalism was the trend which saw the rise of empty spaces and boxy designs with flat colours. In 2018, details are paramount to everything else. The mixing of leather and fabric with intricate but not too noisy designs are incorporated by many luxury interior designers London companies.

Plain glass tables of 2017 are replaced with fun elements like wooden tables that bring out the earthy colours. Many woodworkers predict that if this trend continues, the carving style of Victorian furniture may be making a come back soon. Though maximalism is a trend in 2018, it‘s still important to balance the contrast.

3. Scaling

Proper scaling is now a priority with interior design trends in 2018. No longer will you see an oversized coffee table surrounded by small chairs. Gone are the lighting arrangements that prove to be too dim for wide rooms.

Interior designers now focus on making sure that everything is within the scale of each other. Having furniture that are too big or too small make things look chaotic. Finding the right pieces that fit in the room is important even if it means that you have to leave a certain area empty for some time to find the perfect addition.

4. Plants

Plants are making a come back in 2018. House plants were trendy in the first quarter of 2017 but didn‘t last for the whole year. Earthy rooms that contain plants with vibrant colours appeal to many eyes and bring out that lively feeling that you wouldn‘t get in a minimalist room.

Any room with the right furniture, colour palette and scaling can still be topped off with the perfect pattern plant as the centrepiece. Pattern plants are also incredibly cheap so it‘s possible to have one in every room.

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