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Pilot training eligibility–Things you must know

in Education / Schools and Colleges by HMAviation on 08/16/2017

There is difference between dreaming to become a pilot and actually realizing this dream. In recent times, more and more students are enrolling for pilot training courses. However, what many lack is the right knowledge and pilot training eligibility criteria. If you have skills that enable you become a pilot then all you need to do is find out details to get enrolled for this course. Entry requirements for enrolling for pilot training program varies according to local regulatory requirements and training location however listed below are a few requirements that you should meet:

• Proficiency in speaking, reading and writing English
• Aged above 18 years of age to enroll for training
• Should be able to hold Class 1 pilot medical certificate
• Completed secondary school education with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
• Successfully complete and pass the assessment process for your preferred training program.

Before enrolling for any pilot training course, it is essential for all candidates to have a valid Class 1 Medical Certificate.  
All pilots should possess this certificate all throughout their flying careers. As and when you decide to enroll for a pilot training program, you can find out complete details on the website of the training schools you are considering enrolling for. Make sure that you do complete research before making any decision.

Listed below are some details that are included in the medical conducted prior becoming a pilot:
• Review of medical history
• Heart tests and lung function
• General physical examination
• Vision and gearing tests
• Urine and blood analysis

There are many pilot training institutes that do not conduct medical examination, however it is important for a candidate to know that it is one of the primary prerequisites and only if you are able to meet these conditions then only you can become a pilot.

What are the requirements to become a pilot in India?

If you are all set to enroll for a pilot training course in India then listed below are the requirements to apply for the course in India:

• You are required to complete your Class 12th
• You should pass Class 12th with minimum of 50 percent
• Only those students who have completed their studies with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as subjects in Class 12th can enroll for a pilot training course
These three are the basic and must to qualify eligibility conditions for those who want to become a pilot.

How to enroll for admission in flight training academy?

As and when you complete your class 12th examination with minimum of 50 percent marks in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry, you need to look for pilot training academies that you choose. Compare fee, facilities and infrastructure while short listing the flight training schools.

Most flight training schools conduct entrance examination. You can find out the information regarding the same on their website. You have to clear both the physical as well as written examination. 6the written examination is tough and you better start preparing for it if you are serious about becoming a pilot.

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