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Serena Williams VS Simona Halep, Two Strong Competitors and Only One Winner

in Recreation and Sports / Tennis by Michelle Yi Ling on 10/23/2014

Have you been surprised recently? A lot of people have, when watching the tennis game played by Simona Halep against Serena Williams at the WTA Finals in Singapore, October 22nd, 2014. And that is because 6-0, 6-2 makes the Romanian player a downright winner!

This has been the fourth time when Halep and Williams met on court. The Romanian tennis player has developed some great skills in the meanwhile. She made the American player take round trips from one corner to the other and played aggressively.

“I found the way to be again aggressive and to fight for every point,” the Romanian said in an interview before the game. True words, would one say now by looking at the outcome.

Williams, in her turn, recognized via the social media that Halep had done a good job, and wished her opponent to have a good luck in the future. This was indeed a wonderful performance from Halep‘s part, as she played flawlessly while Serena made 36 unforced errors in the course of this game.  

The win seems to be unexpected. Before this game, Serena had a relaxed attitude. The previous games had been won by Serena, thus there were no reasons to worry:

“I really don‘t feel like I have anything to lose at this point.”

The most frequent prediction you could hear was that Serena would win in three sets. Finally, it happened to be Simona in two sets. The bookmakers registered a decent amount of bettors inclined to think that the American would bring them winnings.

Asked about how this sudden turn of the events took place, Halep shared her secret:

‘I‘m sure it wasn‘t her best tennis today but I played aggressive, opened up the court really well and fought for every point.'

Williams had problems with her knee. The fact emerged at the game in Singapore. The tennis player claimed she still felt it before the game, but was up to participating. Halep, on the other hand, had been triggered by her previous competition against Bouchard. She had her opponent make 30 unforced errors and emphasized that she was ready to work and gain all the possible points.

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