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Some Useful Tips to Follow While Baking a Cake

in Food and Beverages / Cooking Tips by Lily Alvin on 09/18/2017

Every special occasion deserves a special cake. Either a birthday, wedding ceremony, Christmas or an anniversary; nothing will seem like complete without a cake. The cake will always be there in all of the happier moments of our life.

The cake is dependable upon the baking and decorating process. If you are going to bake at your home for your child’s birthday, then you have to master both of the domains. Well, baking and decorating a cake at home is not a rocket science. All you need is the proper direction and a little devotion.

Here in this article I am going to discuss some handy tips for baking and decorating a cake like a pro.

Never Use Cold Eggs

Those who often bake cakes at home know that butter should be brought to room temperature before it’s usage in the cake. But you should also avoid using the cold eggs.  

Whenever you use the cold eggs, the mixture will not be smooth enough. That will undoubtedly affect your baking process.

In this mean you should not use the eggs right after fetching them from the fridge. If you have a shorter time limit, then you should boil the eggs for a little moment to produce the ideal temperature.

Use the Accurate Amount of Flour

Never exceed the exact amount of flour that is appropriate for the recipe. Any excessive amount of powder will do nothing but spoil your cake. So always use the exact amount of flour. For this purpose, you should use a measuring cup. Make sure that the cup is dry. Take a cup of flour and sweep off the extra amount of flour from the measuring cup.

Freeze Before Decorate

Yeah, it’s an ideal approach to freeze the cake before decorating it. By freezing the cake before decoration, you will be able to make your cake crumb free. In this mean you will easily decorate your cake. If you have more than one layer of cake, then wrap the each of the layers of the paper and then freeze it for four to five hours. After freezing, then decorate your cake with any stuff you want to use. Then once again put your cake into cake fridge and let the buttercream and other stuff to be set in well. Then your cake will finally be ready to serve or you can keep it in cake display fridges.

Be Specific While Baking

Never compromise in any meanwhile cooking process. Your little mistake will ruin all of your efforts. Use a brush to butter the pan; it will not only ease to spread the butter more efficiently but also make this process easier.

Moreover, you have to make sure that the cake is being placed at the centre of the oven. The mixture should not touch the oven’s walls or if you are baking more than one cake at one time then you cakes should also possess enough space away from each other. Your cake will require enough space in the oven.

Prior the Round Shape

You should always opt the round shapes while baking the cakes at home. The round shape cake will be easier to decorate and moreover, such sort of cake will also be ideal for baking.

Cakes with edges will always be challenging to bake and decorate. As you are cooking in your home, so it might also be possible that you surely will find it difficult to manage a cake with edges and corners.

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