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If you are looking for 925 wholesale Larimar rings, you need to check out the online jewelry retailer, Sterling Silver India. You will find a wide variety of wholesale jewelry to fit the needs you are looking for.


Sterling is an alloy of silver and it contains 95% silver and 5% copper. It is widely used to make different kinds of rings, such as 925 wholesale Larimar rings. Sterling silver rings are very attractive type of rings.

Wedding Rings

There are many sterling silver rings that are used as wedding rings. Different types of gemstones can be added in these rings to enhance their beauty, such as 925 wholesale Larimar rings. The rings are affordable and seem to never go out of style.

More Affordable

If you cannot afford expensive metals, such as gold and silver, you can buy a sterling silver ring. Sterling silver rings give you superior looks in a more affordable price range than gold and silver rings.  
You can easily select and buy different style of rings; you just need to make sure you are not allergic to the particular type of metal before you buy one.

Taking Care of Sterling Silver Rings

It is easy to take care of your sterling silver rings, such as 925 wholesale Larimar rings. One of the best things about sterling silver rings is how they are very easy to clean and take care of them. The rings can last you for a very long time as long as you properly take care of them. The following are ways you can to take care of your sterling silver rings:

  • Keep 925 Wholesale Larimar Rings in Proper Place :
  • In order to prevent the tarnishing of your sterling silver rings, you need to keep them in a jewelry box, plastic bag or pouch when you are not wearing them.

  • Keeping Sterling Silver Rings Covered :
  • You also want to always make sure the rings are covered up because dust will accumulate on the rings very quickly.

  • Regular Cleanings of Sterling Silver Rings :
  • You should always clean your rings before each use with a soft brush or cloth. When you do this, it will keep a shine to the ring.

  • Polishing Sterling Silver Rings :
  • If the ring starts to lose its shine, you need to polish it with a soft brush.

  • Special Care :
  • There is no extra care required for this type of ring but proper use and care of the 925 wholesale Larimar rings will increase the life of the rings dramatically.

  • Avoiding Chemicals :
  • You should keep the rings way from direct contact with perfumes and other chemicals (such as hair spray or household cleaning agents).

  • Removing Rings before Going in Water :
  • You should always take off your sterling silver rings during bathing, showering and swimming.

  • Cleaning Agents :
  • When you want to use cleaning agents on your sterling silver rings, you need to make sure to use mild cleansers. You should avoid using alcohol, acetone and bleach completely.

  • Drying Sterling Silver Rings :
  • It is important that you properly dry the 925 wholesale Larimar rings after cleaning them with a cleanser.

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