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The increasing demand for rental flats near to IT Companies in Bangalore

in Home and Family / Home Business by sivadazzz on 09/11/2017

Bangalore is fast emerging as the fastest growing real estate market in recent times. The recent IISC report says that it will become an unliveable city in the next five years if stringent steps to curb pollution, rampant felling of trees and water body demolition is not taken. However, as more investors flock to the city with the hope of cashing in on the IT boom and the software knowledge of this city, there is demand for more real estate business. And this is giving rise to the availability of affordable flats in Bangalore for beginners and mid level employees who plan to work here for a few years before moving base back to their hometowns.

The IT sector is mostly located in the area of Whitefield, which is one of the most crowded areas now and was initially built by the British Raj as an exclusively white colony for the residents. Now, it is home to some of the biggest names in software and IT not just in India but the world, along with a few banks and marketing and advertising companies.  
The employees of these companies wish to stay close by to be close to where they work especially because they do not wish to commute too much. It is a fact that Bangalore traffic has been rated as the "fourth worst in the world" by a few agencies including Reuters and that has made commuting to and from the IT hubs of Whitefield and electronic city a nightmare for most.

Property experts say that builders are cashing in on the demand for low budget flats in Bangalore, which locals are scooping up and then giving out for rent to the executives of the companies. This has resulted in the boom of affordable housing market in Bangalore. Cheap flats in Bangalore lies mostly in Hebbal,and suburbs of Bangalore. Koramangala and Whitefield is now a luxury home destination with top notch gated communities catering to the demand as it rises steeply as more top execs find their way into the erstwhile garden city.

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