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The Top Benefits for Your Health with Hypnosis

in Self Improvements / Hypnosis by Ray Thompson on 02/17/2015

You may not think there are any health benefits to using hypnosis, but there are and they are backed by science. Although, you still have to look for the charlatans and scam artists, hiring the right hypnotists is a matter of checking them out first before you hire them.

You can forget the “You are getting very sleepy..." type of hypnosis when you use a hypnotist who is trained and certified by the American Psychological Association. They can play a real role in protecting your health when they work within their professional expertise.

Hypnotherapy or another name for it is medical hypnosis is a verbal repetition by a hypnotherapist to encourage a state like trance to help you focus. If you're highly stressed, a hypnotherapist can induce a feeling of calm and relax the body. Using this type of hypnosis opens up your mind to the power of suggestion.

Not the type of suggestion of clucking like a chicken, but a deep state to relax the body, mind and spirit.  
This allows the body to release stress. The research is ongoing and is being done by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). Even the Mayo Clinic is using this type of hypnosis to help people reduce stress.

Another way to use hypnosis is to quit smoking, insomnia, or to lose weight. The studies done by The American Medical Association and Harvard Medical School show promising results using hypnosis.

Hypnosis studies to improve sleep have been particularly promising with the participants in the latest tests. These are not simple parlor tricks, they actually helps people sleep better after they have undergone a session of hypnosis. According to researcher Maren Cordi of the University of Zurich, using hypnosis with people with sleep disorders is so promising since it doesn't have any side effects. The most recent studies show the participants spend 80% more time in slow-wave sleep.

A study done in 2003, show 71% of the patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) improve after a 12 week study using hypnosis. The report also showed 81% of the patients showed continuing improvement up to 6 years after treatment ended.

Hypnotherapy not only benefits people with health conditions, but it will also save on medical costs and health insurance. If a person can remain healthy after 7 years, then hypnosis is deserving of being in the medical repository of treatment for IBS.

Studies done in recent years also show hypnosis has helped women through menopausal symptoms of hot flashes, people with pain relief and calming nerve due to stress.

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