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Understand Value Added Services in Digital Cable TV Network

in Arts and Entertainment / Television by renumathur on 05/23/2017

While choosing a digital cable TV network, if you are looking beyond the regular channels and services, you can look at value added services. While the regular channels maybe same for more or less every digital cable TV network provider, the value-added services are sure to differ.

What are Value Added Services (VAS)?

If you‘re wondering what are these services are then here‘s what they mean. VAS is a term which basically a very popular term for non-core services, this basically means services beyond just the regular channels.

The VAS can include the following:

1.Ad-free channels: These as the name rightly suggests are channels that do not have any advertisements. Frequent ads can get quite irritating for viewers and these channels usually show movies at home without breaks, which seems very attractive to many people!

2.24 hours Shopping Channel: From home décor, kitchen utilities to fashion, these channels sell it all. Perfect for viewers who prefer shopping from the comfort from the home and are not very into net surfing and online shopping.  

3.Interactive games for kids: These are channels which have interactive games which often have a great message for the children.

4.Fun learning channels for kids: These channels usually focus on teaching younger kids. The topics are nursery rhymes, alphabets, numbers etc.

5.Non-stop music channels: These are usually channels with non-stop music, where you may or may not be able to choose your favorite songs.

6.Movie premiering channels: These channels are known for premiering movies on Television sets. Premiering is what makes them different from other movie channels. Premiering refers to ‘debut‘, which means these movies are usually being telecasted for the first time ever on TV sets.

Why are Value Added Services provided?

The digital cable TV network providers basically provide these VAS to lure customers to choose their services. Apart from competitive pricing, VAS are used to entice viewers as these services differentiate them from the others providers. While all the other channels can be the same, each Digital Cable TV Network will have a different set of VAS, and you can choose the one with the one that fits your needs best.

We hope this article helps you understand value added services better and helps you in picking the right digital cable TV network provider for your family.

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