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Use your idea with Pavers for a Beautiful Backyard

in Home and Family / Interior Decoration by Sandy on 10/11/2017

For footways in the garden, natural stones can be used. These pavers increase the surface for additional living. For bigger or smaller space these tiles give a clean floor and are the focal points of outdoor living. There are natural stones like granite, slate, travertine, marble, sandstone, basalt and limestone used as pavers. Porcini (travertine) and Aegean Pearl (marble) are two popular options. They are completely different colors but completely unite with natural surroundings.

Blends with Nature

Tuscany Porcini is basically from Turkey. It is multi-colored and is available in tumbled, chiseled honed and unfilled finishes. There are colors of beige, cream, gray and gold with tints of rust. They look completely carved from nature. The garden gets a defined look with these pavers and it matches with nature perfectly. It can be used around pools, water features, steps, and walkways. When walked with barefoot it gives a homely feeling even in hot climates.

Light colored Elegant Stone

Aegean Pearl is a variety of marble from Italy.  
It is light in color and gives a rich look. The color is neutral and gives a good look with the natural background. It is available in the tumbled finish and different sizes. The color is soft here with soft beige and white veins. It can be used for patios, paths, driveways, pool decks and any other space. It gives an elegant and inviting look. It gives a contrast to the whole garden background. People loving the simple, elegant and light colored look will surely like this stone.

Tuscany Porcini and Aegean Pearl can be used for both indoors and outdoors. It can give a consistent theme throughout. From the backyard to the indoor kitchen, entryways, and bathroom this tile is perfect. You can bring the nature right into your house or place it in your garden. The pavers are thick enough to suit the outdoor sand-set. There are matching coping, edges and steps to give a perfect finish.

For natural stone like granite, travertine, quartzite, slate, and limestone also have the full collection of treads, caps and coping. Pavers are available in the market with different shapes, colors, and shapes. These are used as column caps and wall caps. Pool surrounds will give a spectacular look with these stones around. They blend with nature and are durable. Even when there is more traffic these stones do not give up. They tolerate extreme temperatures as they are completely natural.

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